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Sai Ram Sisters and Brothers,

The final YA online sathsang for 2020 is a self-introspection exercise to help us reflect on the year gone by and take us into 2021 on a more positive and uplifting note. For this sathsang, we have prepared a two-week self-introspection challenge to help us take a reflective look inwards at the things we want to change in our life and step into 2021 on a happier and more content note.

Before you access the two-week challenge, we request that you read the short extract from ‘Summer Showers Brindavan 1993’ as part of the pre-reading for this satsang.

  • Click here to access the pre-reading.
  • Click here to access two-week self-introspection challenge.

Aum Sri Sai Ram

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