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Sai Ram Sisters and Brothers,

The past six Sathsangs have certainly taught us that Swami’s teachings can be applied in all situations no matter what the circumstance.
As we move from the theory of HIS teachings to the new series titled ‘Practical Spirituality’ our first Sathsang in this series is titled

“Be Happy … and then”

“Pleasure is an interval between two pains. What is life? Life is a combination of the light and the shadow.”

This Sathsang will explore how we extend the interval of ‘Pleasure’ or whether or not it should be extended at all.

Do join us on the day: Sunday 23rd August at 20:00hrs.

Please join us in this opportunity to delve deep into the teachings of our Beloved Lord and discuss how we can implement the pearls of HIS wisdom in our daily lives.

Meeting link will be shared on our respective communication groups.

Please click here:  YAOS_ 07_ Pre_reading_Be Happy for pre-reading.

Jai Sri Sai Ram

There are two things essential for a happy life:
1. Dhanya - grains for the sustenance of the body;
2. Dhyana - contemplation for entering the temple of the Lord and merging in His glory.

[Ref: Voice of the Avatar - Part I, page 145]
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