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Sai Ram Sisters and Brothers,
We continue with our sixth sathsang in the Life SAIcle series entitled

‘Surrender: Let go and let God’

on Sunday 28th June at 19:00hrs.

Please join us in this opportunity to delve deep into the teachings of our Beloved Lord and discuss how we can learn to give ourselves entirely and unconditionally to HIM.

Meeting link will be shared on our respective communication groups.
Please click HERE for this Sathsangs pre-reading

Jai Sri Sai Ram

Happiness lies in union with God. Hence contemplate on God incessantly. Never give scope for
anxiety or worry, thinking, “examinations are approaching. How am I going to face them? Will I pass
in the examinations?” Do not give scope for despair and despondency with such negative attitude.
Have faith in God. Do your duty and face any situation with courage. Then, the result is bound to be
good. Love is everything. Love is God. Live in love.
Extract taken from: Divine Discourse, ‘Discharge Your Duties with a Sense of Surrender to God’
Sankranti, Prasanthi Nilayam, 14 January 2006

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