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We continue with our fourth sathsang in the Life SAIcle series entitled ‘Unity is
Our Mission – Unifying self and society – overcoming the challenges in
practising unity’ on Sunday 16th February at 20:00hrs.

As you know, this year we have two big events both nationally and
internationally. On 28 and 29 March, we have the Pre-World Conference and
Pre-World Young Adult Festival event taking place in London, which is the
prelude to the World Conference in Prasanthi this November on the theme
‘Unity is Divinity, Purity is Enlightenment’ and of course next year is a big one
too with the World Young Adult Festival in July 2021.
So, this is our opportunity to delve deep into the teachings of our Beloved
Lord and see how we can cultivate greater unity and purity in our lives andbe one with Sai.

Please click on the meeting link below, at the date and time specified to join
us for what will be a enlightening discussion –

Please see PDF linked here Pre-reading for Unity – Online YA Sathsang – Feb 2020 for the pre-reading for the sathsang.

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