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National Christmas Celebrations


Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Loving Sai Ram to you All.

As the festive season approaches up with a promise of joy and hope, we welcome everyone
to join us in prayer and rejoice on 19th December 2020 at 4pm for the Online National
Christmas Celebrations 2020, SSSIO UK.

“The yearning for Bliss is the best proof of our holy nature. Man is Bliss; he seeks Bliss; Bliss is.
Blessedness for him. Since God is Bliss, happiness is union with’ God. Nothing else can award
that joy, which is unaffected by whatever happens or does not happen. The heart of Jesus was
pure and calm. Hence, it is honoured as sacred. We must make our hearts sacred so that
either we merge in Jesus or Jesus merges in us. When we merge, it is called Bhakthi; to have
Jesus awakened in us is the path of Jnaana. Jesus was a messenger of God; but note this also’
all of you are messengers of God. Jesus was not the only Son of God; you are all His children.
Jesus and His Father are one. You and God are also one and you can be aware of it”.

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 15, 25/12/1982

We end this year with gratitude to our Beloved Swami for His benediction in guiding us all
through a challenging year and pray that the New Year brings peace and joy to all.

With Love and Respect
Ketan Gokani
National President
SSSIO United Kingdom

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