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Leeds Foodbank Service Project

With the divine grace of Bhagawan Baba, the Sathya Sai Centre of Leeds has begun a new service project. The devotees from the Centre are now doing a monthly donation to the Leeds North & West Food Bank, collecting essential items that are needed by the Food Bank to serve the local community.

This service activity was initially started off as a quarterly activity but looking at the needs of the Food Bank and the impact on the local community, it was decided to do this as a monthly Seva. The items are collected from devotees and delivered to the Food Bank distribution canters spread across Leeds. The project has got off to a great start and the Food Bank volunteers have been very appreciative of the generous contribution made by the Sai devotees.

By following Baba’s dictum on Ceiling of Desires, our Sai devotees are trying to make whatever small contributions they can do towards this noble cause. Over the past 3 months the Sai Centre has donated over 350 items of food, toiletries and other essential items to the Food Bank. The Food Bank is run mostly by volunteers and it was a great experience for the devotees to see the sincerity and level of commitment from the volunteers towards this cause. The Centre is now exploring ways to engage in more ways with the Food Bank and help them out with other aspects such as sorting, storing and distribution of items in the warehouses.

Mrs. Audrey Reed, a senior volunteer from the Food Bank, addressed devotees during the recent Guru Poornima celebrations. It was a real eye opener for all the devotees to listen to some of the statistics and the extent to which the local community is affected by poverty and hunger. It only reinforces our faith in sustaining and growing this service activity to even greater heights in future.

Santosh Sarma,

Sathya Sai Centre of Leeds

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