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Global Akhanda Bhajans 2020 – United Kingdom

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Jai Sai Ram!

Join brothers and sisters all across the eight regions of Sathya Sai International Organisation United Kingdom, to sing along the glory of our dearest Bhagawan.

Akhanda Bhajans will commence on 14 November at 7AM and conclude at 8PM with Aarti. We have also been given the opportunity to be a part of both the international Global Akhanda Bhajans as well as Radio Sai’s Akhanda Bhajans.

The stream for the National Akhanda Bhajans which will include the Radio Sai slot is accessible through:

Below is also the schedule for Akhanda Bhajans:

Schedule for Akhanda Bhajans

7:00AM-7:30AMOpening Prayers and bhajan
7:30AM-9:00AMRegion 8
9:00AM-10:30AMRegion 2
10:30AM-12:00PMRegion 7
12:00PM-1:30PMRegion 5
1:30PM-3:00PMRegion 4
3:00PM-4:30PMRegion 6
4:30PM-6:00PMRegion 3
6:00PM-6:30PMRegion 1
6:30PM-6:45PMUK’s offering for Radio Sai
6:45PM-7:30PMRegion 1 continued
7:30PM-8:00PMFinal bhajans, closing prayers and aarti

On Sunday 15th November 2020, UK will be taking part in the International Global Akhanda Bhajans between 7:15pm – 8:10pm. The link will be accessible on:

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