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2020 National SSE Poster/Poem Competition winners

The theme of the National SSE Wing for 2020 was “My Sai and I” – in retrospect, given it was a year of self-isolation and ubiquitous upheaval, this was very apt as we were all reminded to develop and strengthen our relationships with Him, the Eternal Constant.

As usual, we also had our National Poster and Poem Competition on this theme, for which we received several entries – our thanks to all those to participated for their hard work and efforts.

It was a tough choice, but the top three entries in each have finally been chosen – listed below in alphabetical order and their efforts displayed on this page.


Poster competition: 

  • Aaradhya Bhagat – Nursery, Slough, R2
  • Adarsh Koti – Group 2, London West, R2
  • Anupama Nadig – Group 2, Harrow West, R2


Poem competition:

  • Vennela Zakka – Group 2, London West, R2
  • Adarsh Koti – Group 2, London West, R2
  • Khushal Srivathsa Zakka – Group 3, London West, R2

Our congratulations to the winners and we are sure Swami is proud of them all! Sai Ram!

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