Sathya Sai Leadership Training Programme

" should take up the reins of leadership and bring peace and prosperity to the nation by leading ideal lives..."

~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba


In October 1997, the Sathya Sai Leadership Training Programme was offered at the Lotus Feet and launched in 1998 as a direct implementation of the 1st World Youth Conference resolutions. The conference passed the resolution that every country should groom leaders to play an effective role in the shaping of the future of the Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation and confronting world challenges.

The SSLTP has been running for over 14 years and, to date, has seen 7 cohorts and groomed 76 leaders, many of whom now hold positions in our Organisations and have gone on to excel in their professional fields after successfully completing the programme.

What Is SSLTP?

The SSLTP provides one with the tools to explore and nurture the leadership qualities inherent within each of us through a structured programme helping one to discover his or her true potential. It aims to develop leaders for tomorrow, leaders who lead by example, who live by Bhagwan’s teachings and who ultimately go on to become ambassadors of the Divine Mission.

The 14-month programme consists of one-day workshops, projects, assignments and outward bound activity weekends to consolidate learning. It draws inspiration from the eternal teachings of Bhagwan with emphasis placed upon His ‘Mahavakya’ (Great Utterance) on leadership:


More Information

For details of the program please email (National Youth Coordinator) at

Previous Graduates

This is what some of the previous graduates had to say:

'When I undertook the course, I was expecting, I think, somewhat of a academic experience! I truly enjoyed the experience. Now I feel a lot more connected with the Sai Organisation. The SSLTP course has made me more confident and I now have an intuition about 'to be' and find myself undergoing self audits regularly. Feel enriched for the learning about great leaders and find myself wanting to serve Swami more.'
Dushy Selvaratham 2007/8 Cohort 6

'The journey has been both interesting and rewarding. The assignments were challenging and relevant and helped me construct communication in a more detailed way. From the start I thought the SSLTP idea was a very good one and the experience of the course has confirmed this. The commitment of the tutors left an impression on me, along with the friendliness of the helpers. The project was useful and helped us work together. May Swami continue to bless this project!'
Cliford Widgery Cohort 6

'This course has given me the opportunity to 'walk the talk'. SSLTP has helped me understand my own values, what I believe in and what I stand for'
Mali Almeida Cohort 7

'Embarking on the SSLTP meant working hard and studying hard, evaluating and re-evaluating aspects of my life that needed improvement. I gained the necessary tools to be able to handle any situation, in any circumstances, at any time'
Satesh Melvani Cohort 1

'SSLTP, the beginning of a journey from who I think I am , from who others think I am, to who I am'
Anamika Maharaj Cohort 3

'SSLTP has given me a foundation for life integrating Swami's teachings with self leadership. It has increased my self confidence and opened up avenues for personal development'
Rima Patel Cohort 5