Sai Houses

Sai Youth are encouraged to translate common interests and ideas into action. For this initiative we have setup Houses where we can share ideas, resources and inspire other youth who share the same interests.

The 5 Houses have been given a theme, purpose and objectives ensuring all activities have the same foundation. Sai Youth have been asked to think about the objectives and how we could be creative in these sessions. Sai Houses can reflect the Sai Youths passions, interest, skills and experience.

This is one standard and unified National offering to Swami, implemented through diverse avenues.

House of Love

Theme: Health and Well Being, Arts and Performance

Purpose: To promote the sense of Love within one self and to instil, reawaken and encourage love amongst others.


  1. To understand that a healthy mind and body is required to spiritually develop, by creating a set of initiatives for youth focusing on mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
  2. To explore Swamis teachings by using artistic expressions to develop initiatives.

House of Truth

Theme: Study Circles, Sai Literature

Purpose: Sai Youth should work hard to purify the quality of their lives to an ideal life; to be an ideal exemplar of the Divine teachings of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


  1. To explore Swamis teachings by using Sai Literature to express and develop initiatives.
  2. To participate with the National Spiritual Wings initiative on Regional Sai Literature Seminars.

House of Peace

Theme: Peace of Mind, Multifaith Programs

Purpose: To instil a sense of calmness, stillness and oneness by implementing spiritual practices that enable individuals to be at Peace at any given time.


  1. To explore Swamis teachings around the value of Peace.
  2. To develop existing and new relationships with Regional Multifaith Groups to create the spirit of Oneness and Peace.

House of Right Conduct

Theme: The Sai Ideal, Sai Life Balance

Purpose: To encourage the thinking that ‘all is one’ and that every aspect of creation is interlinked.


  1. To integrate Sai teachings into everyday life on a practical level, even when faced with challenges.
  2. To recognise and appreciate "learning opportunities" and uphold Righteousness.

House of Non Violence

Theme: Environmental Issues, Ceiling on Desires

Purpose: To understand that spiritual life and material life is not separate but part of the same journey towards Spiritual Transformation.


  1. To understand our responsibility to the environment, earth's inhabitants and future generations.
  2. To look at ways to reduce our carbon foot print along with the conservation of nature and its resources.