National Spiritual Wing

The Purpose of the Wing

"Seeing unity in diversity is divinity and true spirituality. Study of scriptures, performing rituals, doing worship, etc., does not signify true spirituality. Recognising the unity of the Atmic principle is true spirituality. When you realise this unity, you will earn divine grace. You are always chanting, 'Sai Ram', 'Sai Ram', 'Sai Ram', but this alone will not develop devotion in you. You should imbibe the spirit of unity and chant the divine name to develop true devotion. If you have even a trace of true devotion in you, you should do good to others and live in harmony with them. Do not hate anyone. Love all. If you have love and faith, you will develop non-violence. Only then can you experience eternal bliss - your inherent nature, and the very nature of the divine".

~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba 2008, SSS Speaks Vol 41, Chapter 8

The sole purpose of the Spiritual Wing of the SSSSO UK is to conduct activities that are conducive to the spiritual growth of aspirants participating in them, as per the Divine Directions of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Spiritual Direction of the Wing therefore includes -

  1. Activities that help purify the mind, and establish love and faith firmly in an individual. These include devotional singing, prayers, meditation, study of Sai Literature and other sacred texts.
  2. Initiatives that provide opportunities to individual aspirants and centres to experience and share the Unity and Universality of the Sai Message of Love with each other, and with the surrounding community irrespective of the diversity of races, religions, cultures or nations.
  3. Teamwork and cooperation with the other Wings of the SSSSO UK to ensure harmony.

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Wing Overview

The Spiritual Wing of the SSSSO in UK coordinates activities through various Centre Spiritual Coordinators, 8 Regional Spiritual Coordinators, and a National Spiritual Coordinator. The main, activities include conducting -

  1. Bhajans (Group Devotional Singing), Prayers, Study Circles, and Meditation. Most Sai Centres in UK conduct these activities on a regular basis (either weekly or once a month).
  2. Special Events periodically, and especially to celebrate festivals of major religions of the world, with extended prayer sessions, talks by eminent speakers, devotional music programmes, video shows, etc.
  3. Seminars and symposia to discuss, share and contemplate on spiritual teachings and experiences from various Divine Masters and Sacred Scriptures.
  4. Workshops on Bhajan singing, devotional music, Vedic Chanting, Multifaith Prayer Chanting, and Meditation.

At the beginning of the Year 2011, in keeping with the Organisation's theme of 'Reconnect', the Spiritual Wing took the opportunity to serve in a lead role, and facilitated interactive workshops in all Regions of the SSSSO UK as part of the Regional Orientation and Welcome Days. Titled 'Are We Ready for Bhagawan', these workshops focussed on the earnest practise of Sai Messages in our daily lives, in our Sai Centres, and in our sacred Sai Organisation. The 9-point code of conduct and the 10-fold path to divinity were discussed, and all participants including devotees and office bearers resolved to remember these and follow them at all times. The Regional Teams have agreed to conduct these workshops in various Sai Centres in their Region as a part of the process of 'Reconnect'.

Please click here for the PowerPoint slides 'Are We Ready for Bhagawan'

During this year, two streams of activities have been focussed on emphasising upon -

  1. Chanting the Divine Name for Peace and Welfare in the Community
  2. Study of Sathya Sai Speaks Volumes 1-8

These activities are intended to enhance divine and spiritual vibrations, promote understanding and facilitate adjustment within each individual, within Centres, and within the surrounding community.

Universal Prayer and Chanting Days

To date, various Regions (R1, R4, R6 and R7) have conducted Universal Prayer Days where the Divine Name from different religions, and in different languages, was chanted together with sincere devotion and faith by the participants. Brothers and sisters following Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism, Bahai, Zoroastrianism, Sufism etc lead the prayers and participated enthusiastically in these Prayer Days. For the Sai devotees, these were wonderful opportunities to experience the love and universality which are the essence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Divine Message, with our fellow pilgrims from the local monasteries, mosques, churches, gurudwaras, and temples. An ambience filled with the fragrance of the spirit of Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God touched everyone and brought happiness and joy to every heart.

Universal Prayers were also conducted with great enthusiasm at a national level, both during the National Memorial & Remembrance Day in May 2011 and during the National Gurupoornima Celebrations in July 2011.

Sai Literature Seminar Days

For over 57 years (1953-2010), Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, out of His Supreme Love and Compassion towards seekers of Truth all over the world, delivered many Divine Discourses and Writings. These Teachings have been carefully compiled and published in a series of Sathya Sai Speaks (42 volumes, 1510 Discourses), Summer Showers (12 Volumes, 273 Discourses), and the various Vahinis (15 Volumes, 258 chapters)! Profound Truth and Wisdom, the very essence of all sacred texts and scriptures, is contained in these teachings; various aspects of spiritual living are explained and defined; the universal nature of all religions of the world is highlighted; and the exemplary lives of great devotees and seekers of the Almighty Lord from all ages and cultures are detailed. These are put in such a simple manner by Bhagawan, that every heart is put at ease, filled with the love of God, and inspired to progress on the spiritual journey.

Mr. N Kasturi, the biographer and translator of Bhagawan Baba for many years, aptly writes in a poem:

His talk is a cascade, so limpid and pure,
Teaching, never preaching, unravelling all knots,
Stilling the questionings ere they emerge in mind;
Defining, refining, consoling the pining,

His talk, you will find, is cooling, not freezing
Warming, not burning; raining, not flooding;
Healing the ailing and hearts bewailing;

Soothing, not searing; no toxin, but tonic;
Balming and calming; all fact and no fiction!
Every sentence spreads joy and scorches gloom,
Impelling attention, compelling assent,
Dispelling dejection, repelling sloth,
Attracting you nearer, detaching from bonds,
Infusing courage, and fusing creeds,
Imposing no doctrine, composing all feuds,
Informing (so charming!), never harming, disarming!
Sifting the responding, lifting the desponding.

As you hear Him talking, you quietly resolve
To take a step forward on the pilgrim road;
Unfold your wings and soar into the sky!
You feel you are a Lion, cheated into bleating!
A diamond, set in dirty lead!
He reminds us all of the road we have missed.
He describes the joy of the journey's end.
He opens our eyes; He strengthens our limbs;
He heartens the struggling, groping his way,
Awakening the sleeping, making the sitting stand,
The standing to walk; the walking to reach!

Be proud you had the chance. From this moment,
I know You are bound to be an ascending,
attempting, adventurous soul.

Conducting the Sai Literature Seminar Days is a humble but sincere attempt by the Spiritual Wing of the SSSSO UK to facilitate a deeper awareness and understanding of the Spiritual Treasures that Bhagawan has granted us. Each of the 8 Regions have undertaken to study a volume of Sathya Sai Speaks. Thus, as a part of preparation, during the year 2011 Region 1 is conducting Study Circles on SSS Speaks Volume 1, Region 2 on Volume 2, and so on. Study aids such as Audio books of these volumes, discussion pointers, summary sheets, take home messages etc, are being prepared by the various Regional Spiritual Teams to facilitate individual and group study, contemplation and reflection. During the year 2012, day-long seminars will be conducted in various Centres and Regions for participants to share and discuss with each other the experiences and understanding of their study, thus enabling spiritual growth.

How to get Involved

Please contact us if -

  1. You are a musician (vocal/instrumental/composer) of any genre
    1. Willing to participate in Music Teams at Centre/ Regional/National level of the SSSSO UK
    2. Willing to teach fellow devotees in UK
  2. You are able to
    1. Sing or chant prayers such as Vedam, Christian hymns or carols, Buddhist, Sikh, Islamic prayers etc.
    2. b. Teach these Prayers to fellow devotees in UK
  3. You are willing and adept at leading
    1. Meditation sessions
    2. Yoga sessions
  4. You are able and willing to
    1. Serve as a Facilitator of Sai Literature Seminar Days
    2. Participate in the production of Audiobooks (recording/editing)
    3. Develop multimedia presentations on spiritual topics contained in the Sai Literature

Contact Us

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