National Service Wing

Eternal Joy through Service

"…If you lift the hand to serve, to help, to console, to encourage another man you are lifting it for God, because in every man is God."

"Be of service to others, for that is giving yourself to Me. For whatever you give, I will repay you thrice, Nay I shall repay you ten-fold. Try Me and you will see. I say to those who know the joy of giving, look back! Yes, look back and see how each time you felt that nothing but a miracle could save you, keep you alive, fill your larder, save your son, stop a disaster - has not that miracle happened? Divine guidance is always at the side of the giver. Yes, I will give to those who give of themselves, untold Joy and Bliss; and what is more, I will lead them by the hand along those petal strewn paths of Eternal Joy."

"Every deed performed, do it in My Name. Every person who passes near your path give them the sweetness of your smile. Give freely of the nectar of your cup of happiness, of kindness, of Blissfulness. Give the warmth of your love. Extend your hand as I extend Mine to you."

~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Purpose of the Wing

To serve selflessly and silently with the feeling of oneness toward every individual, community and humanity and to offer every act to God.

"Engage yourselves in service activity. Consider social service as service to God. This is the best way to earn God's Love. Love all and serve all. Your entire life will be sanctified thereby."

~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Wing Overview

"Organisations bearing my name must render service to the helpless, sick, distressed, illiterate and the needy."

~ SSS VI, 36, p. 158

Serving the Homeless

Homelessness affects a wide variety of people and some people are more vulnerable to homelessness because they have fewer rights, particular needs or are less able to cope by themselves.

Volunteers throughout UK help regularly in different ways to:

  1. Prepare, cook and serve food at the Missionaries of charities like Soup Kitchen in Elephant & Castle and Liverpool, Spires Centre in Tooting Bec, Barnet Council, Open Doors night Shelter in St Albans,Noah’s Enterprise in Luton, Norton House in Coventry, Hope4U, Soup kitchen in St Andrews Church in Rugby and homeless centres in Cardiff, Cheltenham & Bristol, Birmingham, Leicester and Newcastle.
  2. Prepare food parcels and deliver to the homeless people, the Salvation Army and night shelters in central London, Essex and other parts of UK on a weekly and monthly basis.
  3. Organise and deliver food parcels during Christmas.

Caring for our Senior Citizens

Growing old is natural but it often also mean facing many challenges like loneliness and limited ability to do many things due to impaired health and mobility.

Volunteers from all regions are actively involved in bringing a smile to our senior citizens in various ways: regular visits to residential homes, singing, providing companionship to socially isolated elderly residents, taking them out for a meal and have a good conversation, organising bingo games at a local residential centre, helping to deliver food via 'Meals on wheels', hosting senior citizen parties through Age-Link charity, providing meals for those who cannot cook for themselves and providing a pickup and delivery service of books in conjunction with the local public library.

Caring for those with special needs

Volunteers from Oldham Sai Centre in Region 5 produce a “Talking Newspaper” which is an hour long tape culled from the Oldham Chronicle. 300 copies of the tape are made each week and mailed to each registered blind person in the Borough of Oldham.

Volunteers from Region 4 visit blind and partially sighted individuals at centres and homes and take them on an outing on Global Service Day.

Organised by Harrow East Sai Centre in Region 2, children with physical and learning difficulties are invited to a central place or to a outdoor venue on a monthly basis and are entertained with various activities such as playing board games, table tennis, snooker or watching movies. A group of about 10-15 volunteers from the centre look after the children, giving respite to parents and carers.

Volunteers from Region 3 entertain adults with learning difficulties during the summer breaks and Christmas at Harperbury hospital.

Individuals and groups from Region 6 support people in need with travelling, hospital visits, looking after those who are sick, shopping, cleaning and cooking for them. They also help local charities for children with learning difficulties and provide end of life care.

Supporting Humanitarian Projects Abroad

The Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation of UK is involved in a number of humanitarian projects abroad through medical camps offering free medical treatment, free education and basic food rations for people that are in great need. This includes the provision of medical equipment, medicines, new glasses, new clothes, supply of books and other materials to institutions in developing countries that look after the poor and needy as well as the welfare of young children.

More details can be found at International section and click here for recent camp in Ukraine.

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