Prema (Love)

Love – my distinctive characteristic

Baba declares, "Prema (love) is my distinctive characteristic, not the creation of material objects or of conferring good health and happiness by sheer exercise of My will. You might consider what you call miracles as the surest sign of divinity, but the Prema that welcomes you all, that blesses all, that makes me rush to the presence of the seekers, the suffering and the distressed wherever they are; that is the real sign!"

On the 1st of April, 1973 in Rajkot (Gujarat), Baba said,
"I must tell you of the paramount importance of love. Love is God; live in love. God is the embodiment of perfect love. He can be known and realized, reached and won, only through love. You can see the moon only with the help of moonlight; you can see God only through the rays of love."

On New Year Day in 1971 in Mumbai, Baba said,
"The earth is a huge enterprise, a busy factory, where the product is love. By means of sadhana (spiritual practice), it is possible to produce love and export it to millions and millions of people in need of it. The more it is shared, the deeper it grows, the sweeter its taste, and the greater the joy. By means of love, one can approach God and stay in his presence, for God is love, and when one lives in love he is living in God."
Ref: "Sathya Sai Speaks", Vol. – XI, Chapter – 1

The distance between you and Me

“When you live with the consciousness of the omnipresent Atma, you live in love, love flowing and flooding in and through you to everyone else. Cultivate love towards all, that is the way to gain nearness to Me. I do not measure distance in terms of meters or miles; the intensity of love decides the distance between you and me,” Baba said on the 18th of August 1968 to the assembly of devotees in Prasanthi Nilayam.
Ref: “Sathya Sai Speaks”, Vol. – VIII, Chapter - 28