The 5 Human Values

Shri Sathya Sai Baba's teachings are primarily based on the 5 human values. These values are the underlying principles upon which all of our Bhagawan's teachings are based and are the guiding principle of all His Service projects, functioning of the Sai Organisation and Baba's educational institutions. Baba has also emphasised that we should live our lives in conjunction with the 5 human values, which are:

  1. Sathya - Truth
  2. Dharma - Right Conduct
  3. Shanthi - Peace
  4. Prema - Love
  5. Ahimsa - Non-Violence

The above main emblem of the International Sai Organisation is a testimony to what this Organisation and its devotees stand for.

Taken together, these values encompass a development vision of human potential. Thus the pursuit of truth will lead to right action: right action promotes peace: peace enables one to love, and love expands into non-violence.

The cultivation of Human Values alone is Education. The five human values are the essential ingredients for good Character, which is the end product of Education.

These Human values provide the Unity in our apparent Diversity.

Within the 5 Human values there is one undercurrent - LOVE. Love should breathe through the practice of our human values:

Love as Thought is Truth
Love as Action is Right Conduct
Love, as Feeling is Peace
Love, as Understanding is Non-Violence