Region 7 Youth Wing

Region 7 is a vast and diverse Region both, geographically and also in terms of age groups. Recently, the wing has gained some momentum and managed to bring a group of youth together who are actively involved in spiritual and service events organised within the region.

The aim of the youth wing is to bring together those youth who live in the Region permanently but also those who come to University cities such as Cardiff, Bath and Bristol for their studies so they can also share their experiences and love for Swami.

The youth have experienced a number of benefits of being “Sai Youth” since the revival of the youth wing last year. Our own experience – after coming into the Sai fold and taking up Seva activities, we have seen that Swami has been a part and parcel of our life, guiding and protecting us from all walks of life. This gives us the strength, confidence and courage and our life now seems to have a purpose which gives us inner satisfaction and peace.


Youth Satsang

The first re-union of the youth in the Region took place on 10th July 2011 in Bath. This was the first time when all the youth came together and met each other to share their views and ideas on how to take the youth wing forward. The day provided an excellent platform for the young devotees to pray and listen to wonderful experiences of fellow youth and discuss Swami’s teachings. The youth thoroughly enjoyed the session and sang beautiful Bhajans.

Service Project at Sathya Sai School - Leicester

Bhagawan Baba presented a wonderful opportunity for the young devotees from our Region to take part in a service project at this most beloved school in Leicester. The project was a day event at the school which involved duties such as cleaning, mopping, dusting, gardening etc. This was a great opportunity for the youth to serve the Lord and will be involved again in December 2011.