Region 7 Service Wing

This is a vast Region with small Groups ranging from three or four devotees to large Centres with thirty to forty devotees. The age range of devotees in Region 7 varies but we have many elderly and retired devotees.

However, most Centres/Groups are engaged in varied service activities depending on the age range of the group and their ability. We undertake the following service activities:

  1. The most unique and Blessed by Swami is the audio recording of Sanathana Sarathi for the blind and visually impaired. This was started in Region 7 and is still continuing. Each month the copy of Sanathana Sarathi is audio recorded by a dedicated devotee in Region 7 and a copy sent to the Editor of Sanathana Sarathi in Prashanti Nilayam. Copies are then made and blind/visually impaired can receive the copies free but others can buy them for a minimal cost from the bookshop in Prashanti Nilayam.

  2. Most Centres/Groups cook for the homeless in our Region. Some Centres/Groups cook on the premises of the homeless shelters and others prepare food parcels and distribute them. One Centre in particular prepares a wonderful vegetarian Christmas lunch for a homeless shelter which is enjoyed by all!

  3. Our Region with many elderly devotees unable to undertake other service activities decided they would like to knit blankets and toys or sew items. Therefore, the Region has produced items which have been sent via “Something Beautiful for God” project all over the world. Some blankets and toys have also been given to Dr Upadhaya and his team when they go on medical camps to other countries and have brought joy to many children.

  4. Many devotees from our Region, particularly doctors have accompanied Dr Upadhaya on medical camps around the world.

  5. Some Centre/Groups visit the sick and elderly in nursing homes to keep them company and one Centre in particular visits a nursing home every year and sings carols at Christmas time and gives presents to all the patients bringing much joy and cheer.

  6. Tree planting

  7. Visiting the Sri Sathya Sai School in Leicester and helping with cleaning, gardening and any other help needed by the school.

  8. At regional events like Swami’s Birthday or Gurupoornima the whole region will bring dry food items, clothes, blankets or toiletries which we collect for different charities like Salvation Army, Welsh Refugee Council or local homeless shelters.

  9. Children in Region 7, often through the Ceiling on Desires programme, buy toys and stationery items for good causes such as the Shoe Box Appeal.