Region 7 Education Wing

There are 2 SSE classes in the South West England (Swindon and Bristol) that run every Saturday during term time. There are approximately 33 students between both the classes with an age range of 4 to 16yrs

All the SSE children are active participants at center and regional events and activities e.g. Bhajan singing.

Role playing, drama, singing, and public speaking, are encouraged with our SSE children through the participation in regional events like Ewaswaramma Day Celebrations, Swami's Birthday Celebrations and at Christmas.

As part of the SSE programme, the children have also worked on service activities alongside the adults in the region. Examples:

  1. Salvation Army: Collection of warm clothes for the winter months.
  2. Shoebox Appeal: Sending a box of either toiletries, stationary, clothes, for children less fortunate in other countries.
  3. Homeless shelters: Locally, helping in the preparation of food and toiletry hampers.

During the summer term, there is a Family Values Day picnic, which allows the children and their families from across the region to come together for a day of value based games, devotional singing and talks in a lovely location in the south west.