Region 6 Youth Wing

The Youth Wing is integrated with all other wings of the Organisation both at regional and centre level. The youth are active members of their respective centres/groups providing support from setting up at each meeting to leading bhajan practice and study circles. They also get involved in Service and Spiritual activities taking place in their areas and some are teachers of SSE (Sai Spiritual Education).

Some of the recent activities that the Youth have supported within the region are:

  1. Working with medical professionals and general volunteers as part of the Health Awareness Day in Farnborough this August. Everyone worked tirelessly to ensure that all who came to the clinic were seen and given the time and attention they required. This was truly an uplifting and inspiring event for the youth where it could be seen how everyone involved worked in unison to provide a loving service to all.

  2. Providing technical support with Projection/PA system for the Multi-Faith day event together with setting/clearing up after the event. It was wonderful to see other youth members from different faiths attending the event as it gave them all a chance to explore and discuss all the faiths.

  3. Taking a lead in organising the Family Values Day on the theme of Mother Earth. The youth from Reading used the Sai Houses Youth Work Program to develop the day’s activities, selecting to explore the 'House of Non-Violence'. A quote by Sai Baba formed the foundation for the day. Different art material and recyclable material was at the disposal of all who attended who were asked to think about Swami's quote and create artwork that depicted what the quote meant to that team. It was wonderful to see the Adults, Youth and Children get ‘stuck in’ and tap into their creative side. Each group produced beautiful pictures, all taking a different view on the quote, yet coming back to the same conclusion.

  4. Taking part in the 'The Big Tidy-Up' - a project organised by local councils all over the country. Youth in Woodley spent a few hours on Mothers Day picking up the litter in two of their local parks. The day was enjoyable and the findings interesting, but they came to a conclusion that we need to take care of a mother we sometimes overlook, our Mother Earth.

  5. Participating in a recently launched series of Spiritual Workshops, entitled ‘i2I’. These workshops have been developed from the basis of understanding Self Knowledge and covering other sub-topics such as Perception, Thoughts and Reaction, Reflection & Resound. The first workshop entitled ‘Understanding the Nature of I’, took place on the 16th of October 2011. Working with the current Service Coordinator and ex-Spiritual Coordinator of the region, these workshops are being designed based on the needs of the youth attending. They have been structured with the flexibility to re-visit areas and topics where need be, to ensure all who attend are at the same level of understanding. The next workshop which will continue to look at the Nature of I and move into looking at Thoughts will take place on 15th January 2012.