Region 6 Service Wing

Some of the key service activities are as follows:

"Something Beautiful for God" (SBFG)

In 2010, SBFG established close links with a charity in Germany assisting children from the region of Chernobyl (Belarus). The charity, Kinderhilfe Asbach, regularly carry out annual summer holiday camps for the children from the Chernobyl region. Garments knitted by devotees were distributed amongst the children and their siblings at home in Belarus. In total, 20kg of new garments were offered on behalf of the project - "Something Beautiful for God".

Specialist Workshops

Two 3-day parenting workshops for teenage mothers were conducted by Niki Pandya, a paediatrician, and her colleagues from the Rochester Centre.

Community Support

Tea parties for the elderly, care for the lonely and elderly and collection of Sri Sathya Sai books for a prison in South England along with cooking and distribution of food to a homeless group are undertaken within the Region.

The Reading Centre works with Contact, a national organisation which organise events for elderly people. SSE children and volunteers provide entertainment and also engage the elderly with a quiz.

The Portsmouth devotees provide weekly support at Rowans Hospice, assisting in the coffee shop together with listening and talking with the ill and terminal patients.

The Region collects clothes, blankets and useful items for a children’s home in Kerala, Chiks, and homes for the destitute in Chernobyl. Food items are also collected at Christmas for organizations such as the Salvation Army.

The Region also promotes Animal Rights by providing information to help raise awareness of issues of cruelty to animals, e.g. animal testing, factory farming and many other issues, thus helping people make informed choices when they go shopping or in their choice of food, for example. Petitions and action postcards are also provided so that people can take part in current peaceful campaigns.

Charity walk organised for the Breast Cancer Campaign as part of Ladies Day Celebrations.

Money saved by Farnborough devotees as part of their ‘Ceiling on Desires’ programme, sent to the Leicester Sai school and also used to help other charities such as the orphanage school and the elderly in Nepal as part of Narayan Sewa. Clothing and other items collected from the devotees and sent to orphanages in India and Nepal.

Health Awareness Clinic

A very successful clinic, 200 attending, was held in Farnborough with medical professionals and volunteers offering their service to the community and especially the vulnerable. Services on offer included Blood Pressure checks, Blood Sugar checks, Eye Screening, Dental Screening, Oral Hygiene, BMI, Healthy Eating and Diet, GP Advice, Exercise and Smoking Cessation (PTC) stalls. Translators were also on hand to help those whose command of the English language was less fluent.