Region 6 Spiritual Wing

Region 6 spiritual wing organises many events that take place throughout the year at regional and centre level. Most centres hold devotional singing, study circles where religious and spiritual texts are read and discussed and some are learning to chant Vedam.

In 2010, a lot of time was spent preparing for the pilgrimage in August. The spiritual convenor and spiritual coordinators, together, formulated a Sadhana plan that would be implemented in the months before the pilgrimage, on a daily basis by all those who were going. The devotees also attended special pilgrimage Satsangs.

Akhanda Bhajans and Baba's birthday celebrations organised by different groups in the region.

In 2011, to honour Baba, the Southampton and Portsmouth groups arranged a Multifaith Remembrance Day in May. It was attended not only by Sai devotees but also by members of other faiths.

A Multifaith event was also held in Guildford. The event enabled the wing to forge new alliances. The guests were very enthusiastic about the event and hoped to come back again next year!

Two Laksharchanas (Collective chanting of the Divine name 100,000 times) were held by the Farnborough group, one on Mahashivrathri and the other on October 9th. The first one was lead by Mr Vadgama. The Divine vibrations thus generated help towards Self-purification.