Region 5 Youth Wing

We have active youth groups in both Greater Manchester Sai Centre and Newcastle Sai Centre. They meet locally for youth meetings and activities. In addition, we aim to have 2 regional youth meets a year which allows youth from all over R5 to come together to share and discuss Swami’s teachings.

Youth Satsang: April 2011

The topic of Ceiling on Desires was chosen in January 2011. The youths were requested to choose one or two components of COD and practise it for the two months preceding the satsang so that they could appreciate the benefit (and challenges!) of applying COD in daily life. The centre youth coordinators had active discussions during the two months of practice based on Sai literature sent to them on COD from various discourses of Swami.

The satsang was held on 3rd April 2011 at Manchester and the spiritual aspect of COD was discussed. The topic of how practising COD will help facilitate us realising our innate divinity was explored. The youths contributed a lot during the satsang as they were sensitized to the topic after practising it for two months. The practical challenges they face while putting COD into practise in their daily lives were discussed in depth and answers were provided to them from Swami`s discourses. For the full report of this event please click here.

Newcastle Sai Youth Group

1. Community & Unity of Faiths:
a.Youth Vedam Group
The Newcastle youth Vedam group was invited to chant Vedam at the City of Peace event organized by the Unity of Faiths organization in association with the Newcastle City Council. This gathering was chaired by the Bishop of Newcastle and presided over by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle last year. (photo attached)

b. Study Circle
Newcastle youths took an active part in the study circle and group discussion held at the Durham Cathedral. This youth discussion was facilitated by the Priest of the Cathedral and was presided by The Very Reverend Dean of Durham. Swami`s teachings on Unity of Faiths was accepted by all of them and the quote of Swami on unity of faiths was accepted to be the “quote for the day” by the group at the end of the session. The youths were invited specially for the service at the Cathedral after the youth meeting.

2. Sri Sathya Sai Skills and Talent Sharing Initiative (STSI)
Youths from Newcastle decided to share their skills and talents with other kids who have not had that exposure in 2009. Ever since, youths make it a point to attend an orphanage or a school in an economically deprived area once in a year and spend time with the kids teaching them various things like painting, crafts, bhajans, arithmetic and English. The photos attached show a Newcastle youth teaching painting to kids in an orphanage near Prashanthi during the UK Pilgrimage last year.

3. At the Centre
Newcastle youths organise certain celebrations at the centre. The photos show the Ugadi celebrations when the altar decoration (with fruits), programme, arathi and dinner were all made by the youths. It is a sign of love and respect that the youths want to demonstrate to the elders in the centre during a celebration like Ugadi.

Greater Manchester Sai Youth Group

1. Service: The youth are keen to help the elderly in our local community. We have recently started to work in collaboration with Age UK, which is a new charity dedicated to improving the lives and general well-being of people who are in their later stages of life. This is an exciting time for the Greater Manchester Sai Youth, as we have the chance to directly connect with the wider community through the infrastructure Age UK have already established.

2. Unity: Working in unity is essential for the success and smooth running of any task. We achieve this by meeting together in a relaxed environment as brothers and sisters at least once a week, in the spirit of keeping good company. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other, understand one another and develop harmony, love and unity between the group.

"Good company is necessary. "Tell me your company, I shall tell you what you are,” it is said. When you join good company, you become good. On the other hand, when you are in bad company, you become bad. Hence, always have good company…Sathsangs (good holy company) can arouse the latent Love; this work has to be done among the youth, at the present time. For the burden is on the shoulders of youth." - Sathya Sai Baba

During these gatherings we discuss our day to day experiences, enjoy informal bhajan jamming sessions, and many other fun and interactive activities.

3. Educating children: Some of our youth in the centre are SSE teachers. The opportunity given to youth to teach is essential to helping us as youth develop the confidence, skills and experiences required to encourage the younger generation to grow into well-rounded and ideal human beings.

4. Study circles and bhajans: the energy generated during bhajans is amazing… and the youth in the centre thoroughly enjoy participating in creating a vibrant atmosphere and meaningful experience for one and all! Study circles are a fantastic way to share our thoughts as young people with the elders in the organisation. It is also an opportunity for us to improve our understanding of Swami's teachings, share experiences and learn life lessons through the invaluable experience and insight that our elders have to share with us.

"Students are the only wealth that I cherish. All My hopes are concentrated on them. To reform them and train them to serve as exemplars of righteousness is Sai's sole resolve...

It is only the youth who are capable of protecting this world. It is the youth and youth alone who can set this world right…the youth are endowed with immense power. If they take a firm resolve, they are capable of achieving anything."
Sathya Sai Baba