Region 5 Service Wing

Some of our devotees in Oldham are actively involved regularly with ‘Talking Newspaper’. They help form a part of a body of volunteers who produce a one hour tape each week, culled from the Oldham Chronicle. 300 copies of the tape are made each week, sealed in a plastic pouch and mailed to each registered blind in the Borough.

Narayan Seva is undertaken in Liverpool by Sai volunteers from Bolton, Warrington and Manchester take over Sisters of Charity Homeless Centre in Liverpool (on every 2nd Sunday of the month). Food is cooked and served on site.

Greater Manchester Sai Centre helps on a monthly basis with tree-planting activities in Platt Fields Park. They are also involved each Christmas with donation of hampers for the needy. And for the first time in Region 5, November 2011 sees the inaugural Free Walk-in Health Awareness Day that is being organised by SSSSO UK Region 5 and Oldham Council as a joint venture that provides free medical, optical and dental check-ups for local residents.

The Halifax youth group went to an old age home and celebrated Christmas with the elderly on the day by distributing gifts and singing carols for them. It was highly appreciated by the elderly community and they are planning to do the same this year in December as well.

Sai devotees in Lidget Green, Bradford have been collecting plastic bottle tops to help sponsor a wheelchair for the disabled. Leeds Sai devotees have been collecting stamps and plastic bottle tops to help towards obtaining a wheelchair and helping cancer charities. For the National Seva Day, devotees in Leeds cleaned the Leeds Hindu Temple premises and also assisted an elderly cancer patient with her gardening.

The Newcastle Sai Youth are also heavily involved in a number of service projects in the area.

Working with Elderly

Youths visit the residence of the elderly members of the Sai centre and spend time doing bhajans and sharing ideas and experiences to show that they love and care.

Working with the Refugees and Asylum Seekers

a. Serving curry and rice and sharing clothes and other essentials (baby nappies, wipes, razors etc) was started three years ago and continues once a month.
b. Helping people, who have obtained a permit to work, with their resume and identifying job opportunities in the local area based on their skills is undertaken on a regular basis.
c. Providing access to the internet and Skype for refugees to get in touch with their loved ones from abroad is also done once a month.
d. Youths make it a point to spend time with them playing table-tennis, doing embroidery and dancing along with them to show that they love and care.
e. Youths have arranged for a Child Psychologist to analyse children through simple games during one of the sessions in December (it is important as these children come from war-inflicted countries and have many experiences in their early years of life).

Christmas Hampers

Newcastle Youths lead the distribution of Christmas hampers to refugees and their families in the month of December. The items are purcha sed in bulk, packed and distributed directly by the youths with the help of elders in the centre.

Working with the Disabled

The youths joined together to donate two wheel-chairs for disabled people in India this year.

Education Scholarships

Two education scholarships are being sponsored by youths from Newcastle for the last 2 years in a row for a couple of girls in India.