Region 5 - North England and North Ireland


Region 5 covers a large geographical area extending from the Scottish borders to the North to the start of the Midlands to the South. Yet despite its size, Region 5 is host to a tight knit family-like network of Sai devotees spread across the region. It truly is at the heart of the UK!

The region has 4 active Sai Centres namely Warrington, Greater Manchester, Lidget Green and Newcastle from which regular activities are conducted under the Organisationís Youth, Service, SSE and Spiritual wings. There are also a number of smaller Sai Groups that meet regularly for bhajans (devotional singing) though even some of these smaller Groups partake in the other activities. There are 10 Sai Groups in Region 5; Sandbach, Leeds, Halifax, Hull, Bolton North, Bolton South, Ormskirk, Blackpool, Morecambe and Preston. So, wherever you are in the area, you are never far from a Sai Centre or Group!

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Centres and Groups

The map below shows the location of the region 5 groups and centres.

Region 5
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Centre Sandbach Group Preston Group Warrington Centre Ormskirk Group Hull Group Halifax Group Leeds Group Lidget Green Centre Morecambe Group Bolton South Group Bolton North Group Manchester Centre Blackpool Group


Whilst each centre and group conduct may activities in their locality, we have a number of events which are conducted as a Region. Examples include the Birthday celebrations, our annual summer retreat to the Lake District, regional satsangs and regional Youth meets. These are great opportunities to spend time with our fellow Region 5 devotees and have been pivotal in creating the family-like bond we all have in the region.

The Region has an active youth wing participating in various activities including study circles, SSE, talent sharing initiative and service activities.

Some of the Service activities that the Region gets involved with range from 'Talking Newspaper', providing educational scholarships to working with the elderly, refugees/asylum seekers and the disabled.


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