Region 4 Youth Wing

The youth within Region 4 are currently actively involved within their respective centres within the different wings. Many of the youth are integrated within the various wings which allow the Youth to work alongside adults and children.

Over the past few years, the Youth wing has strengthened and has been actively organising events for current and new Youth. The Youth activities have been motivating, inspiring and have allowed the Youth to develop spiritually.

A Regional Sathsang entitled ‘Summer Showers’ was a great opportunity to get together over three days. The workshops were centred on Swami’s key teachings. As this was a great success, the Youth organised two more National Youth Sathsangs.

Within the SSE wing, we have active Youth who are currently teachers and are involved in training programmes, planning activities for the children and teaching them weekly.

Over the years, the Youth together with the adults have organised outdoor sports, plays and dances for certain celebrations. They have also supported the group 4 with presentations and talks.

The Youth are actively involved in the running of the bhajans in their centres, playing instruments and conducting bhajan practices for participating in regional festivals e.g. Mahashivratri and for Rudra Homams that have taken place Regionally and Nationally.

To develop devotees in their bhajan singing, the Region has created a Regional Music Team which involves Youth who are part of the bhajan wing and they share presentations to local Sai centres on bhajan singing.

The Youth take part in several service activities such as: meals on wheels for the elderly where the youth cook and deliver the food.

Every fortnight, the Youth also go to the Bridge soup kitchen in the local town centre and give food to the homeless (sandwiches are prepared by the Youth). This activity is carried out jointly with the adults, with the Youth on the rota programme.

Across the Region, the Youth take part in similar activities: weekly delivery of food hampers to the homeless.

On a monthly basis, the Youth in Leicester present ‘Prasanthi updates’ to the local devotees on the recent happenings in Prasanthi. This is a great service as the elderly may not have access to the internet and so may not be aware of the recent events.

The Youth also support the ‘service’ and ‘spiritual’ wings during religious celebrations by preparing the audio and visual set up. This has allowed the Youth to control PA equipment, take photos and video events.

To invoke and awaken the Lord, the Youth meet weekly/monthly at their homes to take part in 'Subrabatham'.