Region 4 Service Wing

The following are examples of activities undertaken at the Centres/Groups within the region. Depending on the nature of the activity and the resources available, they are carried out by individual volunteers or groups of volunteers.

Meals on Wheels

Homemade food cooked and delivered to Asian housebound over the weekends and bank holidays.

Visits to Blind Centres

Each month, home visits are carried out where readings and general conversation take place with the partially sighted.

Refugee Relief, Wellingborough

In conjunction with Bob Parfitt and the Refugee Relief Project, a variety of items are collected from the devotees for distribution in Eastern European countries. This is an ongoing project with a number of centres participating. At least once a month, the devotees also get involved with packing of the items in Northampton and Wellingborough.

Asian House Bound Library Service

Working in-conjunction with the local public library, every month, devotees provide a pickup and delivery service to those who cannot go to the local library. They also manage to spend some quality time with the house bound.

Hospital Service

Queens Medical Hospital Chapel Escort - Volunteers escort patients on a monthly basis.
Hospital Help Desk - Provide service to the help desk for the Friends of Hospital of St Cross Hospital.

Residential Homes Service

Once a month, devotees provide a session of devotional singing and a “meet and greet” event at the Loughborough Cottage and Ashra House. Similarly, devotional singing is also organised at Kalyan and Gulam Ashrams in Birmingham during the Easter break.

Serving the Homeless

Norton House, cook and feed homeless on the premises, 6 volunteers help serve 40 peoples, every 6 weeks.
Twice a month, devotees also help out at the soup kitchen at St Andrews Church in Rugby.
Devotees cook and serve food for the homeless, serving 80 to 90 people with approximately 4 volunteers on a weekly basis in Leicester City Centre church hall.
Grub n Grab service to homeless in Coventry – devotees prepare and serve food, tea/coffee.
HOPE 4U - Centre has joined forces with approximately 20 churches in the local area to set up a soup kitchen for the homeless on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. The centre has duties on a rota basis.

Refugee Children

Support some refugee children in local secondary school in Derby by providing them with school equipment and transport to the school.

Book Shop (Leicester)

First Thursday and Sunday of each month a library/bookshop is available for devotees to take free books and magazines, as well as new material for purchase.

Temple Service

Serve Prasad to temple devotees at Ram Mandir, Leicester on the first Sunday of month.


Within Centres, volunteers help run SSEHV Clubs on a weekly basis, devotees are encouraged to recycle things and to practice the Ceiling on Desires Programme and savings made are utilised for appropriate causes e.g. Eye to Sai project.

Service volunteers are also actively involved with Centre, Regional and National programmes as required e.g. organising service tasks when celebrating festivals, helping out in community projects, such as tree planting, organising days out for the elderly, and much more.