Region 4 Spiritual Wing

Celebrations of multi-faith festivals take place throughout the year in most of Region together with various chanting programmes for World Peace. Study circles or Satsangs are organised generally monthly, Bhajan programmes take place either monthly or weekly in most of the Centres.

Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 4 has been recorded by devotees across the Region for use in study circles/satsangs.

The Region organised a Universal Prayer Day that was attended by groups from the following faiths: Baha’I, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian (Gospel), Sikh and Muslim. All shared their prayers as offerings for World Peace.

There is a Regional music team too involving singers, instrumentalists, writers/poets (for beginners and those more experienced). The team organises workshops for their members to improve or learn new skills and to interact with the wider community for example learn Gospel songs, Bahai devotional songs, multi-faith prayers. The team also assists with seva activities by providing entertainment e.g. attend residences for elderly and sing Xmas carols.

The Region also holds discussions to communicate national messages e.g. Following on from the National Orientation & Welcome Day, the Region held its own for its devotees. The question 'Are we Ready for Bhagawan?' was discussed and what this meant at a Regional/Centre (organisational) and Individual level. The day comprised of speakers from the National Team and Interactive Workshops as well as Group devotional singing.