Region 3 Youth Wing

There are 12 centres that have a Youth Wing, with 50-60 Youth members in total.

The Youth participate in the Youth Self Awareness Programme (YSAP). As part of the programme, regular meetings are held by the youth at different locations in the region. Some of the recently discussed topics are: Living with Sai and Seeking the Magic Within.

Below is a summary of on going youth activities within centres / region:

  1. Involvement and help with SSE / assistance with celebrating festivals.
  2. Youth involvement with helping set up centres / altar / PA / library
  3. Youth study circles/ Bhajans.
  4. Assisting with centre seva activities, Entertaining visitors from Age Link, Christmas party.
  5. Preparing centre newsletters/ articles.
  6. Participation at Regional Events: Presenting sketches, Vedam chanting, leading bhajans, attending to PA system and other equipments.
  7. Tree planting
  8. Seva at the Hare Krishna Farm
  9. Assisting with planning and supporting National Programmes
  10. Region 3 - Manor Park Sai Centre: Christmas Day Seva