Region 3 Service Wing

The service wing of Region 3 initiates and executes various projects. Some of these activities include:

Feeding the Homeless

Sai devotees prepare the food at home or at the feeding centres and serve e.g. monthly service at Mother Theresa

Distribution of food and other items

These are collected from devotees for distribution to the needy through Salvation Army and The Samaritans. The items are also sent to Eastern Europe. The children also prepare Christmas Charity Shoe Boxes.

Caring for the Elderly

Regular visits are made by devotees to visit the elderly at Residential Homes. Age Link members are also entertained throughout the course of the year by centre members. The children also take part in Christmas parties

Eye to Sai

The money saved by the devotees following the ‘Ceiling on Desires’ programme is used for the treatment of eye ailments for those in need. The children also take part in the Ceiling on Desires programme and donate the money saved for good causes.
Something beautiful for God (This is a voluntary group that sends toys and clothes for children in various parts of the world as gifts)
The devotees remodel garments from cut offs and new materials for distribution to the less fortunate children in UK and abroad.

Organising Health Clinics

As part of NHS Diabetic Awareness Week, a diabetic awareness day was organised. Walk in Health Awareness Clinic was setup at Newham Mela. Working with local Primary Care Trusts, medical professional from Sai Centres were present for consultation/advice to the members of the public on Eye, Dental and General Health issues like Blood Pressure, Blood sugar and Cholesterol.

Supporting Medical camps
Medical Camps in Eastern Europe, India, Africa and Sri Lanka are supported both medically and materially. Devotees who are medical professionals together with some general volunteers (when needed) visit these camps.

Supporting other Charities

Annual fund raising is done on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support
Helping at the organic farm (planting and harvesting) at the Hare Krishna Temple Watford


Cleaning and Gardening is done at the Sai School in Leicester and temple and church cleaning.