Region 3 Education Wing

Sai Spiritual Education classes are conducted at the Region 3 SSE School, Luton Sai Centre, Mill Hill Sai Centre, Milton Keynes Sai Centre and Walthamstow Sai Centre.

Region 3 SSE School

The Region 3 Sai Spiritual Education School was formed in September 2001 and comprises of 6 participating centres/groups: Colchester, Edmonton, Finchley, Ilford, Manor Park and Thurrock. About 90 students between the ages of 5 and 17 years attend the school. The school has 14 classes ranging from Nursery 1 (age 5) to Group 3 Yr 3 (age 15).

The day for the SSE children begins with assembly and moves on to classes and extra- curricular activities like taking part in the Orchestra & Choir. Classes on Human values are given utmost importance and are held for 75 minutes. Teachers meetings and internal training sessions are also held during the day.

Orchestra & Choir

The school's orchestra and choir are open to all the children who perform at school and regional events like Maha Shivratri and Swami's Birthday. Some of the students also performed as part of the National Choir in 2010 at Prasanthi Nilayam.

SSE School Sports

The Region also held SSE School Sports day in July 2011. For further information, please click here.

Other activities

The Regional Family Sports Day is held annually. About 200 people including children, parents and grandparents attended the last event.

The day commenced with the chanting of 3 Aums followed by a few Bhajans. During registration the families were divided into groups which were named after the 9 planets in the solar system and all were issued with armbands to indicate the planet they belonged to! All the groups took part in a range of activities such as Football, Blindfolded Golf, Skipping, Musical Chairs, Races and many more! After each activity was completed, children who were involved were asked to state the values that they gained from each activity.

With the Grace of Swami, the weather was great, with the sun shining. After a well-earned picnic lunch, the final activities were completed. The day ended with Bhajans and Arthi.

The Mil Hill Centre offers Sathya Sai Parenting Programme. This is based on Swami’s teachings and the literature provided by Dr. Pall Dhall. The programme comprises two hourly sessions held once a month with discussions on a topic that is of concern to the parents. Trained facilitators guide the participants to define the problem and to discuss potential solutions. The sessions are conducted in a workshop style setting with a healthy mixture of lecture and group interaction. Group activities involve problem solving, educational games and group discussion with the aim of analysing the problem and evaluating potential solutions. Active participation by all attendees is encouraged for maximum benefit.