Region 3 Spiritual Wing

The Spiritual wing within Region organises events that spread love, unity and peace. Following activities take place within various centres:

  1. Monthly Study Circles around topics such as the 9 point code of conduct, Faith etc.
  2. Monthly Youth Study Circles: Some of the recent topics discussed include Living with Sai and Seeking the magic within.
  3. Interfaith Walks
  4. Talks delivered by guest speakers about Swami's teachings and other faiths. Speakers come from the organisation as well as those from different faiths.
  5. Meditation workshops
  6. Bhajans and Bhajan practice
  7. Vedam Class conducted by Swami's students.
  8. Chanting of Suprabatham & Gayatri mantram at devotees' houses
  9. Shivaratri Celebrations

The following is a list of celebrations that take place at the centre level

Dasara /Navaratri, Shirdi Baba Birthday, Eid-ul-Fitr, Deepavali and Gujarati New Year, Bhagawans Birthday, Christmas , Global Akhanda Bhajan 24hour Akanda Bhajans at Central London, East London, Mill Hill and Interfaith Akhanda Bhajans at Milton Keynes.