Region 2 Youth Wing

The Youth wing is flourishing once again, supporting the following National Initiatives through taking part in all activities within the Sai Centres at regional and centre level:

  1. Sai Houses- House of Love chosen (Health, Well Being & Arts)
  2. Youth Sadhana Program – 'Regular Service Activity' Chosen from Swami's 9 Point Code
  3. A Bridge Across Time- Serving the Elderly (Teaching Electronic Media & Other)

The following are examples of the Activities that the Youth engage in:

  1. Support Ashiana (Club for those with Learning Challenges), through Sporting activity
  2. Support Age Link - Tea and Games, Trips to Theatre & cooking for all
  3. Support Pret A Manger 'Food Run'
  4. Youth Lead Harmonium and Vedam Classes
  5. Weekly Food Runs
  6. Sai Bookshop Seva
  7. EHV - 5 day School – twice per year
  8. Youth Teaching SSE
  9. Monthly Care Home Bhajans
  10. Youth Sathsang – example: 'Guru Seva Bina ... Nirvana Nahin'
  11. Social Activity & Bonding (Garden Gathering)
  12. Hare Rama Hare Krishna Organic Farm Seva
  13. Supporting National Events

The R2 Youth Retreat In Llandudno, North Wales involved Creative arts, Drama, Study Sessions, Martial arts and more, all exploring the theme i am I from ego self to DIVINE SELF!

Youth were given a chance to speak on ‘When they felt Swami carried them’. It included interactive sessions such as ‘Crush your ego self’ where the honesty of the Youth shone through for their own development, as well as a ‘His Divine Work’ session on how we can serve Swami better.

R2 Youth are now looking to start a new Weekend EHV school enrolling children from a local state school assisting the children to develop their inherent good values.