Region 2 Service Wing

Region 2 Service Wing is a very active one, with devotees demonstrating dedication and commitment. Some examples of activities undertaken in 2011:

Health Awareness Clinic

The first clinic was held in Brent Town Hall on 15th May with the collaboration of National Congress of Gujarat Organisations. Reviewed 300 people. The second one was held in Hayes on 21st June with the help of Hillingdon PCT. Reviewed 160 people. The third one was held in Kingsbury on 9th July. Reviewed 90 people.

Feeding the Homeless

Food Run and Narayana Seva: Devotees prepare food in their own homes, pack and take them to a collection point for distribution by volunteers to the homeless in London, Holborn area. This seva is done by some centres on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis and cater to about 150 people.

Mother Teresa Soup Kitchen: A regional project collaborating 12 centres/groups arranged into 6 teams to cook and serve food on 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month to the homeless at Mother Teresa Mission of Charities in South London. Participating groups are responsible for cooking food for 200 people in line with the Basic Food hygiene procedures. Volunteers also help with the washing and tidying up afterwards...

Pręt a` manger: 5 Centres participate on a rotational basis to pick up unsold sandwiches and food from 2 Pręt- a- manger outlets in London on Saturday evening at 7pm, and deliver to Mother Teresa home in Waterloo. Approximately, 80 - 90 meals are collected every Saturday.

Entertaining the elderly

Ashiana: Organised by Harrow East Centre, children with physical and learning difficulties are invited to a central place or an outdoor venue on a monthly basis and entertained with various activities such as playing board games, table tennis, snooker or watching movies. A group of about 10-15 volunteers from the centre look after the children, giving respite to parents and carers.

Age-Link: Centres organise various events for seniors 4 or 5 times a year on a Sunday and during Christmas. They organise a social event and meal at senior residence. Volunteers arrange pick up and drop off of the elderly people to and from their residences after the event.

Visits to old people homes: Volunteers from several centres/groups attend old people’s homes such as Meera House, Heston House, Shakti nursing home and Birchwood nursing home on a monthly basis to serve the local community in providing companionship, devotional singing, food and flowers for their enjoyment.

Refugee Relief

Food items such as cooking oil, sugar, flour, salt and pasta are collected each month and food parcels are distributed to people living in refugee camps in Eastern European countries such as Bosnia and Croatia.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna Organic Farm

This project was actually started in autumn 2010 from R3 as a pilot scheme and this has been now extended to other regions. This is to help in the organic farm from seeding to harvesting. From R2, Harrow West Sai centre is taking part on this service since February 2011.

Leicester Sathya Sai School

This is the joint project with youth wing. R2 assist weekly maintenance in the school building and the premises.