Region 2 Education Wing

The majority of the Centres carry our SSE classes in line with the syllabus provided and the teachers deliver lessons with a touch of current local issues to enhance the 5 Human Values in everyday life. The wing organised teachers training day in conjunction with the national SSE co-ordinator.

The SSE Children participate in celebrations especially during Akhand Bhajans.

Currently the following Sai Centres teach SSE on a weekly basis, namely:-

  1. Greenford
  2. Harrow West
  3. Pinner (has combined classes with Harrow East)
  4. Slough
  5. Heston
  6. Southall

Activities by SSE Children

  1. Centres with SSE celebrated 'Easwaramma Day' at local level.
  2. SSE tribute provided by SSE Children in the form of Exhibition for Baba's Memorial Day.
  3. Assisted Southall Centre with the 'Unity of Faith' with SSE Exhibition as well as taking part in the 'Unity of Faith Walk'.
  4. Participated in the SSE Sports day.

Active Youth Members have been training EHV Camps during the children’s holidays. They have built a strong relationship with a local school who has provided the use of their premises.

The region also successfully conduct two SSEHV summer camps where the children attend the camps for 5 consecutive days and learn about the 5 Human Values.