Region 2 Spiritual Wing

All Region 2 Sai Centres / Groups conduct weekly Devotional Singing / Prayers including:

  1. Vedam and Rudhram Chanting (Harrow West and Pinner Centre)
  2. Guided meditation (Heston Centre)
  3. Pranayam and yoga before Prayers (Harrow East Centre). Please click here to view in the July 2011 edition of Love and Light.

There is definitely a ‘thirst’ to bring Spirituality in all the wings and a request has been made by R2 Centre Chairs to have more of the following, namely;

  1. 9 Point Code of Conduct workshops
  2. Bhajan / Devotional Singing workshops
  3. More Speakers to motivate and inspire
  4. Meditation workshop
  5. Pranayam and Gayatri Mantra chanting workshops

All in all, the Spiritual Wing is very active and is continuing to progress extremely well