Region 1 Youth Wing

On the 3rd Friday of each month we have a Regional Youth Satsang called YAP (Young Adults Programme). This takes place at the Sai Mandir. YAP is an interactive forum whereby youth from the Region come together to discuss Sai Teachings and how to apply them in the modern life we face as youth. YAP caters to a diverse range of youth from age 18-35 comprising A level Students, University students, Graduates, those in employment, those married, householders and parents.

The topic each month varies and is chosen by the hosts. Each month is hosted by a different centre’s youth wing, with each centre youth co-ordinator leading and involving youth from their centres to deliver the topic. Examples of topics we have discussed include Faith in God, Discrimination, Being a youth in modern world, Ceiling on desires, Leadership and Surrendering to God.

On occasions, rather than an interactive discussion we do other activities during YAP such as devotional singing, watching Sai media or rendering services - like preparing hampers for the homeless.

The youth wing receives great support from the other wings and are always encouraged to progress with their spiritual development. Many youth within our Region are actively involved with SSE as SSE Teachers or Teaching assistants.

Family Values and Sports Day