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Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Om Sri Sai Ram!

We have been deeply saddened by the news of the disaster on an immense scale in the Philippines which has been wreaked by Super Typhoon Haiyan. Certain provinces of Philippines have suffered massive destruction and loss of life. Thousands are feared killed. Thousands of survivors are desperately waiting for aid effort to reach them and they are struggling to survive without food, shelter or clean drinking water. Hugh numbers have been displaced after the high winds and flood waters destroyed their homes.

The Disaster Relief Committee of the International Sathya Sai Service Organisation is currently mounting a global effort to explore the best possible ways of serving those affected by the disaster. In line with this, we request and encourage all the members of our Sai family in UK to come forward and participate in this relief effort in a spirit of oneness with our fellow beings, and in love and service to our beloved Bhagawan.

Let us pray to our beloved Lord Sai to shower His Divine Blessings on all those afflicted from the ravages of this natural disaster and to alleviate their suffering. Through His Grace, let us serve those in need with humility and dedication.

For anyone wishing to contribute towards the relief efforts led by the Organisation:

The details of the bank account in the UK are as follows:

1. Name of Account : Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust (UK)
2. Barclays Bank Plc : Sort Code: 20-77-67
3 Account Number : 33246590

The Procedure is as follows:

  1. Devotees can post their cheques with their address on the back of the cheque and marked ‘Philippine Disaster Relief’ to the mailing address below.

  2. Devotees can pay cash and/or cheques into the above account - if they want a receipt then they should post copy of the paying in slip and their address to the mailing address below. Alternatively, they can scan the paying in slip and send it by email to with their address.

  3. Devotees can also transfer on-line to the above account – use reference ‘Philippine Disaster Relief’. If you want a receipt then please email the details of the online transfer with your name, address, date of payment and amount to :

  4. For ONLY those devotees who are UK tax payers, the UK Trust can claim Gift Aid from HMRC. You can post your remittance by cheque with your mailing address on the back of cheque and marked ‘Philippine Disaster Relief’ together with the GIFT AID DECLARATION to the bookshop address.

    OR if you are paying by cash / cheque into the above account, you can scan the paying in slip AND the signed GIFT AID DECLARATION and send it by email to

    OR if you are paying by on-line transfer to the above account, please email details with name, date of payment and amount with a scan copy of signed GIFT AID DECLARATION to

  5. A GIFT AID DECLARATION FORM is linked below for those eligible to claim GIFT AID.
    Gift Aid Declaration Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust UK.doc

    19 HAY LANE
    NW9 ONH

I thank you for your generous offer and Sai Ram


Dr Kiran Patel
National Chair, UKCC
Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation (UK)

Post on: Wed 13 Nov 2013 17:53