National Orientation and Welcome Day 2012 - Event Programme

National News

10.20Welcome Address - Shitu Chudasama
10.40Divine Vision and Mission - Dr Kiran Patel
11.10‘Divine Love’ : Video on Life of Bhagawan Baba
11.25Nation on it’s Wings
11.50Echoes from the Regions (20 min video, 2 short talks 7min each)
12.30Sai’s ‘Trust’
13.45‘Heart to Heart’- Interactive Workshop
15.00Afternoon Break
15.20‘Sai Inspires’- Panel Discussion
16.00‘Thoughts from the Day’ - Jamie Raju
16.10‘Across the Oceans’- Interaction with Dr. Narendra Reddy
16.40Bhajans (Group Devotional Singing)
16.55Arati (Vesper Service)

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