Prasanthi Council Letter - May 2011

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Prasanthi Council
Michael G. Goldstein, MD

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Sai Ram!

Regarding the Sri Sathya Sai Organization our beloved Swami said:
“This is an Organization dedicated to the promotion of Universal Love. All the Organizational units are being activated by One Divine Force. All are activated by One Principle. Resolve to identify it and experience it; then, the purpose of the Organization is served.”

We were, we are, and we will always be a spiritual movement motivated, inspired, and empowered by the embodiment of Divinity, our Beloved Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Our Beloved Swami will always be accessible to each and every one of us by virtue of His Presence, His Omnipresence, in the spiritual hearts of all people forever. Now is the most important time, the greatest test, and, ultimately, the greatest opportunity of a human lifetime. Now, He, whom we have known in the world, awaits us in our spiritual hearts. He beckons to us to seek Him and find His selfless love.

Let us proceed!
Let us follow Him and find Him in our spiritual hearts by making use of the formulae for a spiritual life that He gave to us for all of life’s pursuits: Love all - Serve all, Help ever- hurt never, and application of the 5 D’s: Devotion, determination, dedication, discipline, and discrimination.

In my last conversation with our Beloved Swami, He graciously gave Blessings and Approval to all of the proposals resulting from your deliberations at the World Conference IX. I subsequently sent to all of you a letter describing what He had Blessed and Approved. I am very happy to inform you that the work has begun!

Let us proceed!

Buddha Poornima will be celebrated in Prasanthi Nilayam on May 17 primarily by countries from Zones 3, 4 and 5. The last count several weeks ago included 800 devotees in the pilgrimage.

The Young Adult World Conference, “Sai Ideal Leadership” will take place on July 13 and 14. Delegates will be selected among those young adults who have served in national and international organization roles.

Enrollment will be similar to the procedure followed for the selection of delegates to World Conference IX of the International Sri Sathya Sai Organization held last November. The International Young Adult Council will be sending out details for selection of delegates within one week after you receive this letter. The emphasis will be on the qualities and essence of a “Sai Ideal Leader”. While skills and competence are helpful, nobility of character and spiritual awareness are essential.

The drafting of uniform international Guidelines for all Sai Organizations has commenced with the appointment of a committee of senior leaders in the Sai Organization. Their deliberations are underway. The objective, as approved by our Beloved Swami, is a set of guidelines for all International Sai Organizations that will define relationships and responsibilities, programs and practices, for all International Sai Organizations.

The plans and programs for study circles that will focus on the cultural relevance of our organizational programs and practices throughout the world in the context of Swami’s Universal Spiritual Teachings have begun.

The plans and programs for public meeting that will bring Swami’s Universal Spiritual Message of selfless love and service to all people is under deliberation.

We will persevere and fulfill all of the programs and proposals that our Beloved Swami Blessed and Approved.

For your information, I have attached a wonderful, uplifting article written by the former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He has described so poignantly the scope and significance of the great humanitarian institutions established by our Beloved Swami for the welfare of the people. Let us emulate and support these monumental works of our Beloved Swami.

We will proceed in carrying out the programs that our Swami approved in His last instructions to us. We will succeed by acting properly, lovingly, and selflessly. Certainly this will please our Beloved Swami, who lives in our spiritual hearts.

Our Beloved Swami came to be with us. He inspired and enlightened us. He loved us as Divine Mother and Father. He always has and always will love us, guide us, and be present in our spiritual hearts. We must respond. Not emotion, nor mind, but rather our spiritual heart must be our guide, our mentor, our ruler, our very self. For only thus, can each of us experience the Divine Reality of His Pronouncement, “I am I.” This is the sacred legacy of His sojourn among us. Let us abide by it. Let us cherish it. Let us realize it.

Lovingly in the Service of Sai,
Michael Goldstein

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