Region 4 - Regional Orientation & Welcome Day 2012

Region 4 - Regional Orientation & Welcome Day 2012:Year of Illumination
Sunday 26th February 2012

The Region 4 Orientation and Welcome Day on Sunday 26th February 2012 was held at Soar Valley Community College. An opportunity for Office Bearers and Active Workers to focus our minds on Beloved Bhagawan and discuss the implementations which took place at the National Orientation day.

The day included a talk by our National chair, Kiran Patel welcoming the regions coordinators and devotees and reminding us of the importance of such gatherings and to have a clear focus for the present and the future of the Organisation. Kiran also spoke of the importance of being one with Swami and having unity in the Organisation and in the Centres.

Workshops took place in the morning, one titled 'Heart to Heart' these involved role plays and Bhagawan discourses. We discussed what is spirituality and the important of being loving and spreading love in all we do and everywhere we go and to have the tools that Beloved Bhagawan Has given us, WATCH (Watch our Words, Watch our Actions, Watch our Thoughts, Watch our Character, Watch our Heart).

An invoking panel discussion enthused the atmosphere and answered devotee’s questions; this led us into the wing meetings. The day was ended with Bhajans and Aarti. A thoroughly thought provoking day, to inspire and refocus everyone's energy and vision towards Bhagawan, then Centre/Group and then as an individual for 2012.

Posted on: Fri 2 Mar 2012 12:02