October 2012 Edition


"Embodiments Of Divine Atma! There is a limit for everything in this world. There is nothing without limit. In fact, the world is a 'limited company'. What will happen to the limited company if it violates its limits? Hence, everyone should conduct himself within his limits. When a doctor prescribes a particular medicine to a patient, he also indicates the dosage. If the patient takes the medicine without regard to the dosage and exceeds the limit, he may contract another disease. Similarly, God has set a limit for every individual. But modern man has limitless desires. It is necessary that he keeps his desires within limits. He will be put to great danger if he exceeds this limit out of his ego. Whether it is the individual or society or the world, all should observe the prescribed limits."

~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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Jai Sai Ram to You All,

After months of prayers and Sadhana, our dearest brothers and sisters are at the Abode of Supreme Peace, Prashanthi Nilayam for the UK Pilgrimage. As you read this, many of our UK devotees will be embarking on their ‘Journey to the Divine Light - Sai Jyothi’.

After the wonderfully uplifting 9 hour Sai Smaran bhajans last week in Watford, we all experienced a small taste of the glory of being in Swami’s Presence. The final pilgrimage meeting also took place, affording everyone to meet each other and jointly change their focus on Swami. Many of the pilgrims, some for the first time will have reached Puttaparthi and will be sitting at Bhagawan’s Lotus feet. What an opportunity to experience bathing in the grace and divinity of being in His physical presence.

October marks a special date in our Beloved Bhagawan's Mission, Avatar Declaration Day. On 20th October 1940 the young boy Sathyanarayana Raju revealed to the world his Divinity, saying "I am no longer your Sathya. I am Sai." The sister-in-law came from the kitchen, only to be blinded by the splendour of the halo around Baba's head! He addressed her, "I am going; I don't belong to you; Maya (delusion) has gone; My Bhaktas (devotees) are calling Me; I have My Work; I can't stay here any longer."

In the very place where Swami resided for over eight decades, the pilgrims from the UK will be preparing to offer their love and gratitude to Him.

October also marks another period of spiritual activity in the form of Dasara (Navaratri), focusing our minds on our Divine Mother. Bhagawan has explained the festival as the celebration of good over evil. This evil is our ‘six demons’ lust, anger, attachment, greed, pride and jealousy within us. At the same time, Puttaparthi and its surrounding villages will witness the Divine activity of Grama Seva. At a physical level, Swami used to look over all the preparations to the minute detail. He would personally select the items to be given as Prasad to the villages and enquire on the progress of the project. This year, some of our youth will have the golden opportunity to participate in Grama Seva, and undertake His work under His supervision. An unforgettable experience and an opportunity of a life time, going to surrounding areas and offering Swami’s Prasadam (clothes and food) as symbol of Swami’s Love to the villagers.

We await the experiences from the UK devotees when they return, and hearing the gems of experiences from them. Be sure to keep an eye on our website for regular updates http://www.srisathyasai.org.uk/national-programmes/nationalpilgrimage2012/

Finally, we are coming towards that time of the year when we celebrate the Avatars Birthday. Swami’s 87th National Birthday Celebrations will take place on Saturday 24th of November and registration will launched on Thursday this week. Details of the venue, speakers and programme will be passed on to all the centre chairs, so be sure to look out for them.

Jai Sai Ram

Ketan Gokani – Region 4 Chairperson

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