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October 2011 Edition


You cannot see me, but I am the light you see by. You cannot hear me, but I am the sound you hear by. You cannot know me, but I am the truth by which you live.

~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


National SSE Conference
Open to all involved in Sathya Sai Education in the UK. Please click here for further information...
Event flyer


Sathya Sai School, Leicester - Enters the 11th School Year
The school year 2011-12 will be an exciting year for the Sathya Sai School Leicester with the on-going developments at all levels...

Sathya Sai School Year 10 GCSE Modular Results
The school started KS4 (GCSE) courses in September 2010 and became an Approved Examination Centre for AQA, OCR, Edexcel, and WJEC exam boards in October 2010...

Reports & Articles

Region 1 - Centre Events
On the bright sunny morning of 3 July 2011, the SSE children, parents and teachers from Brixton Sai Centre...

Region 3 - Macmillan's Coffee Morning
On Saturday 24th of September, Region 3 took part in the annual Macmillan’s Coffee Morning for the fourth year...

Region 3 - Dhyana Vahini
Amongst the Vahini Series, Dhyana Vahini holds a special place for spiritual seekers interested in meditation...

Region 5 - Superb Seaside Satsang in Morecambe
We felt very blessed to be sitting in the calm of the Wood Room at the Holistic Centre in Morecambe...

Region 6 - Folkestone Centre Service
On Sunday, 25 September 2011, during the National Service Day, eight of our Sai devotees from Folkestone...

Region 6 - SSE Training
SSE training was held in Folkestone Sai Centre on 7th August. The audience was an interactive group of youth and children...

Region 6 - Family Values Day
On Sunday the 4th September, devotees in Region 6 gathered together in Rotherwick, Hampshire and took part in the Family Values Day...

Region 7 – Universal Prayer Day Peace and Well Being in the Community and the World
With Swami’s Divine Grace over sixty people from different faiths and backgrounds converged on Bath on Saturday 10th September...

Youth Wing – Vision of Love Experiences at the Ukraine Medical Camp
Doctors know that in the eye there are billions of cells which react to light rays. If any one of these cells are affected, the vision is affected...

National Medical Conference - Sai Ideal Healthcare
The first Sai Ideal Healthcare Conference in the United Kingdom was convened on Saturday, 17th September 2011 at Henley Business School...


Dear Love and Light Readers
Sai Ram

Looking back over the year I can see how we have all come closer together and seen how Swami’s continued guidance and unseen hand is ever present in our actions and direction.

I have seen how our initiatives and projects have a strong spirit of unity and harmony amongst all involved. The Youth are crying out to be given opportunities to be of service but at the same time need the continued support and direction from the elders in upholding Swami’s mission.

The recent National Medical Conference which brought together all health professional across the country had very positive response, more included in this edition.

This month will host the National SSE Conference and preparations are well underway in making this a memorable and inspiring day for all involved with SSE. We also have the great pleasure in having with us Mr & Mrs Nimish Pandya from Mumbai as International guest speakers at the National SSE Day. Nimishbhai will also be speaking at Sathsangs being organised in Region 2, 3 and 4. Please contact your Regional Chairs for further information.

We also have the launch of SSLTP 2011, the programme is open to all adults and youth, though the minimum age for applicants on this course is 21 years of age. More information included in this edition. The Sathya Sai Leadership Training Programme (SSLTP) is a journey to dive deep and tune into the message and teachings of our Divine Master, by transforming ourselves this will in turn have an impact on ourselves and the people around us. It is a unique opportunity to nurture the leadership qualities inherent within each of us through a structured programme helping to discover our true potential.

I would like to take this opportunity in praying that we all dedicate our lives to the teaching of our Master.

God Bless you all and Sai Ram

Jamie Raju
National Youth Coordinator

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