November 2014 Edition

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"The root causes of pain and pleasure, love and hate, and materialistic desires are the temptations of the mind. “This is mine; that is thine.” These dual feelings are the sole reasons for the desires or temptations of the mind. The reason for this dualism is selfishness. Man has become so selfish that he does not care for others or anything other than his own welfare. The main reason for these dual feelings of love and hatred is selfishness. One who constantly thinks of his own body, his own family, his own wealth, and his own comfort is a truly selfish man. The only way to cleanse such a hard-hearted man is through service to humanity. It is necessary to recognize that a man’s life is meant to be spent in selfless service and in the service of the Self. Such a life of service is not to gain either name or fame, to allow expression of one’s ego, or in the furtherance of one’s own ends. Service that is done for selfish gain is not service at all."

~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Feature Articles

National Birthday Celebrations 2014
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Christmas Celebrations
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Global Akhand Bhajans in UK
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Be like Children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven
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Some Important Dates for National Events in 2015

Sai Smaran Bhajans - Saturday 10th January 2015
National Sathya Sai Orientation Conference – Saturday 24th January 2015
Sathya Sai National Human Values Day – Sunday 26th April 2015
National Easwaramma Day – Saturday 2nd May 2015
National Retreat/Pre-World Conference – date tba
Avatar Declaration Day – Sunday 18th October 2015
National Birthday Celebrations – Sunday 15th November 2015
National Pilgrimage – Sunday 20th – 27th December 2015


National Christmas Celebrations 2014
Sunday the 14th of December 2014 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire ...

Sai Smaran Bhajans
Saturday the 10th of January 2015 in South Oxhey, Watford ...


National Birthday Celebrations 2014: Talk by Mrs Phyllis Krystal

Bookshop Announcement

Bookshop will be closed from Monday the 22nd December 2014 to Wednesday 7th of January 2015.
We will reopen Thursday 08th January 2015.

Regional Articles & Reports

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Region 3 - Rudram Ekadashi Programme
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Region 5 - Birthday Celebrations
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Region 5 - Leeds Birthday Celebrations
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Region 5 - Laksharchana at Preston
Swami`s Laksharchana was organised at Preston on19th October 2014...

Region 6 - Brighton & Hove Group: Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Birthday Celebration
Devotees attending the Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Birthday Celebration...

Region 6 - Roschester Sai Centre Birthday Celebrations
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Region 6 - Farnborough Sai Centre: Birthday Celebrations
On Sunday, 23rd November, Farnborough Sai Centre held a lovely bi...


Dear Love & Light Readers,
Sai Ram to you!

November is probably one of the busiest and most important month in the diaries of Sai devotees around the globe being spent in prayers, contemplation and reflection.

We engaged in singing the glory, the magnificence and the splendour of God and His myriad names across the length and breadth of the country and the world over in a multitude of languages, tunes and melodies in a variety of cultural settings on the 8th and 9th of November when we observed the Global Akhand Bhajans (continual devotional singing). It was a blessed privilege of the many to be amidst the company of the Good, of the God loving, to sing His Glory, cleansing and purifying the air and the environment around by the divine vibrations.

The joyous occasion culminated with the National Birthday Celebrations held on the 15th November to mark the 89th year of the advent of our Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This was held in London and themed,’ Love is My Form’ – describing the true nature of Baba. Around 600 devotees from around the country were drawn to this important event that was made extra special by Phillis Krystal who addressed the gathering and Sairam Iyer, uniquely gifted by his masculine and feminine voice, who thrilled the gathering with his heart rending singing. It truly was a memorable day; this heralded the start of the birthday celebrations for centres around the country.

Baba lovingly reminds us,’I do not accost one particular date in the calendar as My birthday, for I consider the day when Divinity blossoms in your heart as My birth- day in you. Therefore each of you should individually celebrate such a day as My birthday.’

November also witnessed ‘Ladies Day’ which was observed in a number of centres across UK.

The nation also remembered on 11th November the end of hostilities of World War 1 which formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

December brings delight in anticipation of Christmas. The air is filled with a scent of festivity and giving. It is a time when families and friends get together to share love, to reflect upon 2014 and to rejoice the coming of 2015 and to make new resolutions.

There is enthusiasm and excitement amongst devotees as well, in preparation for our National Christmas Celebrations on the 14th December at the Cheltenham Ladies College, Cheltenham, when we will be celebrating the occasion in the true traditional spirit. We have a wonderful festive programme to include the traditional Christmas Service, uplifting prayers and music, Christmas Carols and Nativity and a sumptuous Christmas lunch. George Bebedelis, an ardent devotee of Baba from Greece will be our guest speaker.

Please register via the attached link to avoid disappointment:

I wish all our readers a Merry and Joyous Christmas!

Dr Kiran Patel,
National Chair Person

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