June 2012 Edition


"Love is the word which indicates the striving to realise the falsehood of the many and the reality of the One. Love identifies; hate separates. Love transposes the Self on to another and the two think, speak and act as one. When love takes in more and more within its fold, more and more entities are rendered as One. When you love Me, you love all; for, you begin to feel and know and experience that I am in all. By means of dhyaana (meditation), you can realise that I am the resident in all hearts, the urge, the motive, the guide, the goal. Yearn for that vision, that awareness and make it your priceless possession. Then, you have what you often ask Me for --- saakshaathkaara (Direct Vision of Reality). Your love has to be as pure and as free from the taint of ego as mine so that it can merge in Me."

~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

National Articles & Reports

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Regional Articles & Reports

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The Nursery and Group 1 SSE children of Swindon have been lea...

Region 8 - Easwaramma Day Celebrations
12th May 2012 With the Divine blessings, Region 8 celebrat...


Dear Fellow Pilgrims,
Om Sai Ram

I am thrilled and excited having attended the first Sadhana meeting on the 3rd June. A warm feeling of unity and oneness had been felt on the day by all devotees who attended the programme. The day was open to all who were interested in attending the National Pilgrimage 'Sai Jyothi' - Journey to the Divine Light. Now we are hearing from many devotees across the Nation who would also like to practice the Sadhana plan and play a part in other aspects of the National Pilgrimage whether they are coming on the pilgrimage or not . The Journey to the Divine Light is something we have in common as Brothers and Sisters of the Sai Family, let us come together as one in this offering. Please visit the link below for registration and more information about the National Pilgrimage.


As we prepare for the Rudra Ekaadhashini Homam 2012 & Guru Poornima Celebrations the excitement is already building up for our offering of love and gratitude at the Divine Lotus Feet of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. We request all those attending to help us plan and pre register so we have an idea of the numbers that will be attending. See link below for more details and registration.


National Spiritual Retreat : 17-19 August 2012

On behalf of the UK Council I am pleased to inform that we have managed with Swami's Grace to locate a venue at the beautiful Welsh coastal town of Llandudno for the National Retreat, a befitting location which would provide an uplifting and elevating experience to everyone attending. We are praying for inspirational guest speakers to grace this event. Please watch this space .......

Registration will open in the next week.

Jai Sai Ram,
Jamie Raju
UKCC Vice Chair

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