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"To reach the presence of the source of bliss, that is, God, you must tread the footsteps of the great saints and seekers, like Jayadeva, Gauranga, Mira, Ramakrishna and others. Practise their teachings, follow their example. The path of dedicated activity, of surrender to the Highest, of incomparable love towards the Embodiment of Prema – that is the sweetest path, giving joy at every step. Hari Nama (the Name of the Lord) which all seekers had on their tongue is described by them as sweeter than all the sweet things put together.

~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sanatana Sarathi, December 2010

Feature Articles

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Professor Nanjundaiah: Our Special Guest At The National Retreat
Professor Nanjundaiah: Our Special Guest At The National Retreat ...

National Wings

National Enviro-Care Service Project
Calling All Butterflies to Hazelborough Wood | Hazelborough Wood
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Regional Articles & Reports

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The allegorical story in the famous book, The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyon in 1678, depicts a spiritual journey from the ‘City of Destruction’ (world) to the ‘Celestial City’ atop Mt.Zion (Heaven). In this epic journey, the pilgrim encounters many characters such as Ignorance, Talkative, Mr. Fearing, Atheist, The Flatterer, Giantess Diffidence, Giant Despair, Lord Hate-good, Mr.Feeble-Mind, Mr. Ready-to-Halt etc. But he befriends characters such as Mercy, Faithful, Watchful, Piety, Sagacity etc along the narrow but straight path to the Celestial City, and is guided further to his destination by others such as Knowledge, Experience, Humble-Mind, Mr. Great-Heart and Hopeful.

Many pilgrims through the millennia have embarked on such an adventurous journey in real life and have succeeded in reaching the destination. In 2014, about 50 pilgrims from the United Kingdom too, have embarked on such a pilgrimage to the ‘Celestial City’, the holiest of holies, Prasanthi Nilayam! In the past 3-4 months, they prepared for this spiritual journey by befriending virtues such as Chanting, Meditation, Devotional Singing, Ceiling on Desires etc; they are being guided by faith, love and grace of Bhagawan Baba to their destination. Another recent pilgrimage, the 29th Annual Westminster Multifaith Pilgrimage in London in which our Sai family participated in large numbers, also depicts the innate urge of the pilgrims to return to the Common Source.

Sincere heartfelt Prayer and unflinching Hope have always been the soothing companions for any pilgrim. They light the path and guide us safely despite the surrounding darkness. The holy month of Ramadan, when about a quarter of the world’s population are engrossed in such prayers, gives us hope. The 1000 or so devotees who participated with great enthusiasm and devotion in the recently concluded Rudra Homam Prayers at the Balaji Temple in Birmingham, gives us hope and energy to progress on the path.

Traversing through a world that is ravaged by both man-made and natural disasters such as wars, floods and famines can be wearisome for even the most determined pilgrim. But the company of fellow aspirants tends to be quite refreshing indeed. It is in this spirit that Satsangs like the one at Ellen’s Green and Retreats such as the forthcoming National Sai Retreat in Llandudno, Divine Grace: The Fountain of Eternal Joy, where Professor Nanjundaiah from Prasanthi Nilayam will share his experiences and enable us to quench our thirst to some extent, play an important role in facilitating a pilgrim’s progress onwards and Godwards.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, our Jagathguru, Mahadguru and Sathguru (Universal and Great Teacher of Eternal Truth) teaches us that the ‘Celestial City’ is indeed within us! It is within our reach too! He assures us that we will ‘be’ in this heavenly city of eternal bliss when we fill our hearts with love and engage our beings in service. Even as we celebrate the sacred Gurupoornima in our Centres, it is important to remember and live His core teaching: To Be is To Serve, just as He did and demonstrated to us during His Physical Sojourn.

It is thus heartening to read in this issue about the National Envirocare Service project, the Hare Krishna Organic Farm project, and the ‘Fundays’ with the elderly. Even the children are being taught these key values of love and service in our SSE. It is uplifting to see every pilgrim in the Sathya Sai International Service Organisation march together in this journey towards our Divine Source, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Dr. Veeru Mudigonda
National Vice Chair

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