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"Your mission has begun. Those are my words to you, my devotees. Each of you has a unique and valuable part to play in this lifetime. Only those whom I have called can serve Me.

My mission has now reached that point of time when each of you now has work to do. This planet has a purpose in which it it held. That purpose is now unfolding before our eyes. I call upon you to radiate the Bhakti (devotion) within you so that its unseen power will envelop all who come into your orbit. To successfully perform your part, always remain centred on Me.

Allow yourself to impart that purity of heart within you towards all human beings and all living things and do not reach for the fruits of your work.

This part of My Mission is performed in absolute silence. You are My instruments from whom My love will pour. Be always aware that the moment you let your ego descend upon you, My work ceases. When you have overcome your negative unmindfulness, you will again become My Source.

The multiplication of My Love will be felt throughout the world. I have prepared you for this work over many incarnations. I have drawn you to Me. I have made great steps in My Mission over these past incarnations. My work is ceaseless and so your work, too, is without end.

Know that I am within and without you. There is no difference. Rid yourselves of the petty matters forevermore. You are now in Me and I am now in Thee. There is no difference. My Darshan (spiritual blessings) will pour forth from Me to and through you.You may be unaware of this constant action. Be ever pure of heart and soul and, mankind in your lifetime will benefit from your unique qualities.

Others, too, will join Me in this Mission when I draw them to Me. The time is approaching when all humanity will live in harmony.That time will be here sooner than one expects. Before it arrives, be prepared for whatever is needed to reveal to every living thing the true purpose of existence. It is not what anyone alive can imagine. It is beyond all comprehension. I can say that its beauty is magnificent beyond all dreams. And as each of you perform your silent work, I embrace you to My Heart and henceforth your souls shall be lifted up and your eyes will reveal My Presence within.

This I say to all My Devotees from the Lord's Mountain Top where all the Universes become one. Be about My work, My beloved bhaktas. Your breath will carry the scent of the blossoms of Heaven. Your example will be that of Angels. Your joy will be My Joy."

~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Feature Articles

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Dear Love & Light Readers,
Loving Sai Ram

Greetings for 2014!

We wish you a very happy, healthy, joyful and peaceful New Year.

2013 was a memorable year that brought devotees together inspired by the bond of Brotherhood that binds us through recognition of our Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the hearts of all of us.

Sai Smaran, our collective offering of prayers, National Sathya Sai Human Values Day, National Easwaramma Day, Rudra Ekadashini Homam, National Sathya Sai Retreat, National Birthday Celebrations and National Christmas Celebrations gave us a glimpse of the vastness of His Grace and Love which brought us closer together. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to His Glory, of reminiscing His Life and of contemplating upon Him. The crown jewel of our events being the National Pilgrimage to the abode of highest Peace, not to forget the National Youth Conference that brought youth together with a sense of and readiness to carry out His Work.

We were also blessed by the visits of special guests: Dr Narendranath Reddy, Mr V Srinivasan, Mr Gary Belz, Dr T Ravikumar, Mr Rathnakar and Mrs Janet Bicker who shared many rare experiences in the Divine Presence.

Our centres and groups throughout the UK were engaged in spiritual (devotional singing, celebration of festivals, interfaith activities, study circles), service (meals on wheels, homeless shelters, food offering to Food Banks, food parcels, hampers, blood donation, Health Awareness Clinics etc) and educational (SSE) activities; these would not have been possible without the selfless dedication and sacrifice of our devotees who were all inspired by our Lord.

The theme for 2014 is ‘One with Sai’.

We started the year with Sai Smaran, the collective singing of God’s Glory and offering of our prayers on the 11th January in Watford when around 300 devotees had gathered. The vibrations created brought bliss all around.

We have the National Sathya Sai Orientation Conference in Hatfield on 25th January for Office Bearers (current, outgoing and new) and Active Workers. The Theme of the conference is 'One with Sai: His Words and His Work'. Please follow the link to register:


14th January is an important date in the Organisation calendar when Office Bearers who have completed their term of office change. We thank you for completing your period in office and pray that you will continue to work for the Sai Mission. We also welcome new members who have taken up positions in centres and wings.

It also gives me great pleasure to announce the members of the UK Central Council for 2014:

National Chair - Dr Kiran Patel
National Vice Chair - Dr Veeru Mudigonda
National Secretary - Mrs Gayatree Bikoo
National Spiritual Coordinator - Dr Rakendu Suren
National Service Coordinator - Mr Mukund Patel
National SSE Coordinator - Mrs Vidyulatha Narayan
National Youth Coordinator - Mr Shyam Jamnadas
Region 1 Chair - Mr Yoges Yogendran
Region 2 Chair - Mr Senthil Kumarathevan
Region 3 Chair - Mr Sam Sambanthan
Region 4 Chair - Mr Narendra Mistry
Region 5 Chair - Mr Kailash Venkat
Region 6 Chair - Dr Mahesh Narayan
Region 7 Chair - Dr Kumi Pillay
Region 8 Chair - To be confirmed

We thank our outgoing Council members for their dedication and support:

Mr Jamie Raju (National Vice Chair), Mr Ketan Gokani (Region 4 Chair), Mrs Nadia Eley (Region 6 Chair), Dr Ram Bhaskar (Region 8 Chair).

We pray to Baba for continued Guidance and Blessings to be ‘One with Him’ in 2014 and beyond.

Dr Kiran Patel,
Chairman, UK Central Council

Dear Love & Light subscribers,

Due to unforeseen technical problems, we could not distribute the December 2013 Edition of Love and Light to all the subscribers. We sincerely regret this and hope that you have accessed it instead on our national website. We have since made the necessary improvements and sincerely pray to our beloved Bhagawan to bless us in our humble efforts to serve our fellow brothers and sisters.

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