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February 2012 Edition


"The ascent to manhood has been made possible for you all; but this high status among the animals is to be deserved by merging at last in the Divine, that is the goal which the pilgrimage of evolution has in view, since life began on earth as the amoeba on the waters. Faith in that goal and steady march towards it are the signs of one's being aware of the responsibility of being a man. The Call of the Divine echoes in every heart; it provokes the reaction of awe, reverence, affection, love and sacrifice --- all ingredients of bhakthi. It translates itself into acts of worship, of praise, of adoration and of rituals and symbolising the majesty of God. Thus the mind gets saturated with Divine thoughts, it is recast in the Divine Mould, until the flow of Aanandha is unabated."

~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

‘Year of Illumination’ - Vision for 2012

National Orientation and Welcome Day 2012
As the sun rose, casting a warm pink and golden glow on the skies above, hundreds of Sai devotees were already eagerly making their way to Hatfield....

Spiritual Wing - Sai Centres for Spiritual Unity
Bhagawan Baba says that the Sathya Sai Centre is a key unit, in fact the heart, of the Sathya Sai Organisation...

Service Wing - 2012 Vision
“The Fulfilment of human life consists in the service that man renders without any thought of return, in an attitude of selflessness”...

Education Wing - "Education for Transformation"
The SSE wing vision for 2012 is to continue to be inspired by Bhagavan’s teachings...

Youth Wing - 2012 Vision
Swami has placed great emphasis on the youth saying “The future of the country depends on the skill and the sincerity of the youth...

National Orientation and Welcome Day 2011 - Dr Reddy National Orientation and Welcome Day 2011 - Dr Kiran Patel National Orientation and Welcome Day 2011 - Regional Report: Kailash
National SSE Conference 2011 - Shitu Chudusama National SSE Conference 2011 - Mrs Kamala Pandya National SSE Conference 2011 - Mr Nimish Pandya
Reports & Articles

Region 1 - YAP: "My Sai and I"
The topic for January’s session, ‘My Sai and I’, was introduced by Region 1 Youth Co-ordinator, Aberamy Gnaneswaran...

Region 2 - New Years Eve Prayers
On Saturday 31st December 2011, Sai devotees from all over Region 2 gathered to celebrate the coming of the New Year...

Region 3 - Ilford Sai Centre: Sankranti Celebration
Sankranti celebration started with a study circle chaired by sister Sutopa Region 3 ladies wing convenor. The topic was ‘Loving God’...

Region 4 - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Birthday Celebrations in Leicester
The main message of the evening was a reminder of our role in Swami’s mission and importance of living the 5 values in everyday life...

Region 5 - Working with the Refugees & Asylum Seekers in Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle Sai centre started spending quality time with the refugees and asylum seekers, sharing food, around 5 years ago at the West Gate Baptist Church...

Service Wing - Experiences at Dang Medical Camp: Part 1
Group of 49 volunteers from UK, 1 from Germany and 1 from USA set off to the Dang Medical Camp, in Gujarat, India...

Region 6 - i-2-I Self Knowledge Workshop: "Who am I?"
The second session of Region 6 Self Knowledge workshops was held on the 15th January, at the Park Barn Community Centre in Guildford...

Region 7 - Mayor of Bath’s Annual Call To Prayer to all Faith Groups
The Sai Baba Group of Bath, has for the past ten years joined representatives from seven major faiths in the City of Bath...

Region 8 - Medicare Initiatives from Scotland
Serve Our Society, Our People, Our Nation...

Youth Wing - National Youth Meeting
Youth across the UK gathered at the first National Youth meeting of 2012 with the purpose of sharing their ideas and thoughts on the Youth Wing...

Service Wing - Experiences at Dang Medical Camp: Part 2
The Medical camp to Dang was a truly life changing experience. From the moment we landed in Mumbai airport and were welcomed by warm smiling faces...

Service Wing - Experiences at Dang Medical Camp: Part 3
From the moment we prepared to volunteer for the medical camp in Dangs, Gujarat from 17 to 22nd December 2011, Swami looked after our every need...


Dear Love & Light Readers,
Loving Sai Ram to you!

It gives me great pleasure in presenting myself as the new National Chair Person for UK Central Council having taken over from Shitu Chudasama. I take this appointment as a great blessing and unique privilege to serve Sathya Sai Baba and His Organisation.

As is customary, the new UK Central Council was announced on the 14th January. This date is very significant since it was on 14th January 1981 that Baba granted the Charter for the Sathya Sai Organisation, to inspire and guide members in their spiritual quest.

The UKCC has designated 2012 as the year of ‘illumination’. You may re-collect that 2011 was designated as the year of ‘Re-Connect’, a re-focus back on Baba - The Master, His Mission and Message. Why or how this theme was chosen is just beyond anyone’s comprehension. Little did we realise that 24th April 2011 will go down in history to mark the departure of Sathya Sai Baba away from His physical mortal. The focus after the Maha Samadhi very quickly shifted to that of ‘Reflection’ – What did Baba mean for me? What was my relationship with Him? How will I now continue to Live the life that He has shown? What is my role in His Mission etc ? Having reflected, each one of us have now got an answer to our enquiry – thus, the year of ‘illumination’!

His very last words for UK spoken on 15th January 2011 are so very poignant and still rings in my ears, “Tell them, start work immediately. Work, work, work….”.

Baba’s entire life was dedicated towards service of humanity. In spite of He being the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Lord, He indicated to us the kinship that He felt for fellow beings at a human level and what we could do in areas of education, medicare, socio-care etc. This was a clear illustration of what His Mission was all about, namely ‘Brotherhood of Man’

Sathyajeet, who was blessed to serve Baba till the very end recently narrated an incident. Baba had stopped giving morning Darshans. He prayed to Baba to come out in the mornings, to give Darshans at least twice a week since devotees were coming from far and waiting. Baba’s response was “Do you know how much work this body has done? I have gone from village to village. Now this body is weak”. At this point, Sathyajeet broke down and prayed to Baba to rest and that he and others would do His work.

Brothers and Sisters!
Baba has touched our lives. They can’t be ordinary lives any more. His work is important. Let us join hands to further His Mission.

Dr. Kiran Patel
National Chairperson

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