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"Service to God has been described as Bhakti. The heart of the devotee flows with love of the Lord through constant remembrance and recitation of His name. Out of this stream of love, devotion emerges. One who is nourished by the nectar of Bhakti will have no desire for anything else. To be unaffected by joy or sorrow, gain or loss, praise or blame, to remain steadfast and unwavering in faith, is the hall-mark of true devotion. Affection, attachment, desire are natural qualities in man. When these qualities are directed towards God and when one is continuously engaged in good deeds, these qualities acquire purity and sacredness. Then a man becomes not only a great soul but can become divine."

~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Feature Articles

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Regional Articles & Reports

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Region 3 - Young Adults Programme
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Region 4 - Mothers’ Day and Ugadi Celebrations at the Leicester Central Sai Centre
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Dear brothers and sisters,
Om Sri Sai Ram.

The month of April has heralded the dawn of Spring and, to quote William Shakespeare, hath put a spirit of youth in everything! Bird songs, flower blossoms, new plant shoots, happy bees……all these bring into our lives new cheer, new hopes, fresher smiles, and firmer resolves!

This celebratory spirit in the air soared further, when many of our readers welcomed their traditional New Years this month with gusto. Let us join together and wish everyone a Happy Ugadhi (Telugu and Kannada), Gudi Padwa (Marathi), Cheti Chand (Sindhi), Navreh (Kashmiri), Baisakhi (Punjab), Poila Baisakhi (Bengal), Bohag Bihu (Assam), Vishu (Kerala), and Puthandu (Tamil). Bhagawan reminds us that the celebrations welcoming the New Year cannot just be treated as simple worldly affairs, but as opportunities to renew our aspirations and resolve to enter the Kingdom of God.

The Holy Easter continues to sustain and strengthen this yearning to enter His Kingdom, so poignantly in millions of people around the globe, even if more than two thousand years have elapsed since the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ, exemplified The Father’s Love and Compassion through his unparalleled sacrifice and forgiveness. The period of Lent that precedes this holy day is a reminder to purify our hearts and undertake good actions: Qualifications that Bhagawan Baba says are a pre-requisite to enter The Kingdom of God.

Every divine master who graced this earth and walked amidst humanity since the very beginning of time, every religion they established, and every scripture they preached- all have highlighted the core principles of purity and transformation of hearts as the springboards to access this Kingdom.

April gave us the occasion to reflect and learn from the lives and teachings of such divine masters from different religions and faiths. The birthdays of Hanuman, Guru Nanak, and Mahavira were observed with great devotional fervour. So too, the Baha’is celebrated Ridvan, and Jews, The Passover as reminders of enlightenment and liberation from slavery: Slavery to the senses and vagaries of mind, our beloved Swami explains. These masters served fellow humanity through their example, and led others on the royal path of spirituality. They were, and continue to be, the true ‘Leaders like Lions’.

Bhagawan’s physical sojourn on earth, as was Lord Sri Rama’s 10,000 years ago, is an Epic on Human Values that exhorts humans to saturate their speech, vision, actions and hearts with Divine Love. With incredible patience and love of a thousand mothers, Swami touched each one of us and put us firmly on the path of Self-transformation. Let us together offer our immense gratitude and a loving tribute to such a benevolent Master, our Lord Sathya Sai! ‘Love is God, Live in Love’- His exhortation to us- is thus an apt theme for the upcoming Sathya Sai National Human Values Day in London, which is our heartfelt offering at His Mahasamadhi. In this Sai Path of Love, let us all ‘Walk together with Sai: And Be One’, which is our theme for the sacred National Easwaramma Day in Hatfield on the 3rd of May.

Dr. Veeru Mudigonda,
Vice- Chair, UKCC

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