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"Human values do not depend on education alone. They depend more on culture. What do you mean by culture? Culture means giving up one’s bad conduct, bad behaviour, bad deeds and cultivating good thinking, fostering good sentiments that lead to good actions. The state of the whole world depends on human activity. When the actions of the people are noble, the country is equally noble. The people’s behaviour and conduct depend on their thoughts. Thoughts depend on the mind. Good thoughts are the basis of human values.
Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 31 Page 222

Every human being is endowed with these five human values. If we promote these five human values, we become God.
Sathya Sai Speaks vol 39

Feature Articles

Family Health Fayre in Winchester
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Dr T Ravi Kumar National Talks
Talks in Leicester, Leeds, Preston, Bristol, Wembley, Hatfield, London (N20 & SW19)
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National Human Values Day
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National Eswaramma Day
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National Pilgrimage 2013
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UK National Sai Retreat 2013
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Regional Articles & Reports

Region 1 - Orientation Conference 2013
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Region 1 - Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana
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Region 1 - Brixton Sai Centre Ladies Day
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Region 1 - Tooting Centres Mother’s Day and Shivratri Celebrations
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Region 1 - Seva Activity for Service in Sierra Leone
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Region 1 - Easter at Brixton Centre
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Region 2 - Orientation & Welcome Day
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Region 2 - MahaShivaratri
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Region 3 - Orientation & Welcome Day
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Region 4 - Sathya Sai Orientation Conference
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Region 4 - Shivaratri and Mothers Day Celebrations at Coventry SSE
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Region 4 - Satyanarayana Katha
Narborough Sai Centre performed the Satyanarayana Katha on the 23...

Region 4 – Leicester Central Annual Service Meeting
The Leicester Central service wing held their quarterly gathering...

Region 4 - Easter Sunday Celebrations at Coventry Sai Centre
Sunday 31st March 2013 St. Paul’s Church hall in Coventry, whe...

Region 6 - Laksharchana at Farnborough Sai Centre
Farnborough Sai Centre hosted a Laksharchana on Sunday, 10th Marc...

Region 7 - Easter Tea Party
As part of their Seva project; the SSE children from the Swindon ...


Fellow Devotees!
Om Sri Sai Ram,

In the month of March, the world celebrated Easter, which has always been a time for reflection, a time to reminisce Jesus sacrificing his life for mankind and its resurrection, out of his infinite love and compassion.

April is a poignant reminder to us, the devotees, when our beloved Swami and Divine Master, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, on Easter Sunday two years ago on 24th April transcended from this transient world into our hearts. He now guides us to focus on the eternal cosmic form that is formless, a light that transcends differences and unites us in Love. Baba’s Love, Grace and Omnipresence are felt ever so closely by us all. When we turn to Him, we instantly feel the loving arms of a mother, the firm stance of a father and hear the rippling laughter of a friend. Swami has told us what he means by omnipresence:

"Everything is nothing, and nothing is everything"
The Atma shines eternally, with no birth and no death, with no beginning, middle or end, ever remaining the All-Seeing Witness (Telugu Poem).

You may give God any name or form. The Divine has been given various names. Even the rishis (sages) have called God by many names – Shiva, Shankara, Aditya, Shambhava, and Bhagavan. These names were given to him; he did not give himself any name. So, all that you see may be called God:
nature is God; energy is God; nothing is God. But, it is really not nothing; it is everything. In what you call everything, there is nothing. What you call nothing, has everything. Everything is nothing, and nothing is everything. Some say, “There is no God,” but everything is in God. The atheist denies the existence of
what is. In saying, “There is no God,” “There is” comes first. This means that he is denying what is. He is blind. The truth is, divinity is all-pervading.
—Sri Sathya Sai Baba (SSS 19:4, Mar 8, 1986)

The month of April also celebrates Sri Rama Navami, marking the advent on earth of Lord Sri Rama thousands of years ago, as the very embodiment of Dharma (Right Conduct). Divine Incarnations as Rama, Jesus and Sathya Sai walk the earth to instil eternal values such as love, compassion, right conduct and non-violence through the example of their own lives; to give us joy and peace; and to establish us in the truth that we are all embodiments of divinity. They descend for the sake of our ascension to divinity.

As we wish our many brothers and sisters from India a ‘Happy New year’ this month- celebrated as Ugadhi by the Telugus (Andhra), Yugadhi by the Kannadigas (Karnataka), Vishu by the Malayalis (Kerala), Puthundu by the Tamils (Tamilnadu), Gudi Padwa by the Marathis (Maharashtra) and Baisakhi by those from Punjab- let us take the opportunity to inject our spiritual efforts for our inner transformation with a new enthusiasm and earnestness. This is the highest gratitude that one can offer God, our Lord Sathya Sai.

Let us get together on the 27th April at the Sathya Sai National Human Values Day, and on the 4th May at the National Easwaramma Day, pray together in gratitude, share in the joy of knowing His Avatarhood, His Divine Mission and strengthen our resolve to make our Lives His Message.

Let the month be the time to model our daily lives upon the values that He has outlined and to look inwards to experience the spark of our inherent divinity: For our Resurrection!

Mrs Nadia Eley,
Regional Chair, Region 6

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