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National Pilgrimage 2017

National Event

UK National Pilgrimage: 'Sai Paduka- In The Footsteps Of Sai' Prasanthi Nilayam & Rishikesh
30th July - 8th August 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Om Sri Sai Ram.

With the divine blessings of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the UK Central Council is immensely delighted to announce the National Pilgrimage 2017 that will lead us to the holiest of holy places on earth, and our spiritual home, Prasanthi Nilayam: The Abode of Supreme Peace.

Christened 'Sai Paduka - In the Footsteps of Sai', this national pilgrimage, for the first time, will also lead us to the holy land of Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas, which our beloved Lord Sathya Sai visited thrice in 1957, 1961 and 1982. His Divine Visits to the nearby Vasishta Guha (cave), Swami Sivananda's ashram, and other such uplifting anecdotes are well documented in the Sai Literature. On the special occasion of Swami's 90th Birthday, a landmark structure for all pilgrims, called the Sri Sathya Sai Ghat (pier), was inaugurated on the banks of the sacred River Ganga in Rishikesh.

People may say that pilgrimages are a waste of time and money, but let Me tell you that it is the best way to spend time and money, provided one has real devotion. Devotion is no sign of weakness; it is a sign of courage, of wisdom, of discrimination; it alone can give happiness and peace. Everyone has one day or other to fall in line with you, for everyone is terribly anxious to get these two. They try various other remedies, in their ignorance or excitement, but this remedy alone can cure them. Sri Sathya Sai Baba Prasanthi Nilayam, 4th July 1961; SSS 02:11

We welcome all devotees to join this sacred pilgrimage by registering online at: https://srisathyasai.org.uk/national-programmes/NP2017/ Please note that Registration will close on the 6th of May 2017. Since places are limited, early registration is encouraged. All registered pilgrims will also be advised to

  1. Attend preparatory Sadhana Days that will be taking place on the 21st May (Hatfield), 24th June (Milton Keynes) and 9th July (Birmingham).
  2. Reach Prasanthi Nilayam latest by 12 noon on 30th July.
  3. Be present for the entire duration of the Pilgrimage

"Your pilgrimage to this place on this occasion is but a part of the long pilgrimage upon which you entered when you were born, which may not end even when you die. Do not forget that fact. Be pure, alert and humble as pilgrims ought to be. Treasure the good things you see and the basic truths you hear. Use them as props and promptings for further stages of the journey." Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Prasanthi Nilayam, 23rd November 1968. SSS Speaks 08:45

All accommodation arrangements in Prasanthi Nilayam Ashram, and all arrangements for travel, accommodation and visits to Rishikesh will be made by the Pilgrimage Coordinating Team, SSIO UK. For further details or queries, please mail pilgrimage@srisathyasai.org.uk or call 07825 441644.

Let us all take this wonderful opportunity to journey together in the kindred spirit of spiritual pilgrims and offer ourselves to Him in love and service.

Loving Sairam,

Dr Veeru Mudigonda
National President, SSIO UK

Start Date and Time: Sun 30 Jul 2017 0:00

Finish Date and Time: Tue 8 Aug 2017 23:59

Venue: Prasanthi Nilayam, Rishikesh, India, , ,