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Region 2 - Young Adults Programme

On Sunday 21st September 2014, Region 2 Youth gathered for the Young Adult Programme (YAP). Sri Sathya Sai Centre, Greenford were the hosts.

The theme for the Region 2 YAP this year has been Swami’s Nine Point Code of Conduct. Each centre has been allocated two ‘points’, invite other youths from other centres and put together a theme based on the two points to share. The Nine Point Code of Conduct had been laid down by our beloved Bhagavan to ensure that we have a set of general rules to follow in our daily lives. These rules, when supplemented with purity of thought, self-sacrifice and intensity of devotion towards God, ensure His continual grace. Greenford Sai Centre was given the following themes to think about:

  1. Group devotional singing/prayer once per week
  2. Regular study of Sai Literature

The programme commenced at 11am and started off with the chanting of the Ganapathi Prarthana and the Ganapathi Atharva Seersham. These were followed by wonderful bhajans sung by the youth of Region 2. Swami has said that where His glory is sung, He automatically manifests Himself there. This was evident during this session – Greenford Centre’s usual tabla players were unable to make it, but Swami has provided them with not one, but two tabla players from the visiting youth! The bhajans were fantastic and vibrations in the atmosphere were blissful.

Why are bhajans so important? Why does Baba emphasise the singing of bhajans? Why are bhajans sung twice per day in Prashanti Nilyam? Well, as stated in a particular discourse found in Summer Showers in 1995, He says:

“Realize that there is nothing greater than bhajans. What bliss is there in bhajans! What a demonstration of oneness is it when a myriad throats join in uttering the name of God! The vibrations emanating from them make the heart vibrant. If you sing alone in your shrine, the vibrations return to you as a reaction. But in community singing, what you have is not a reaction but a wave of vibrations. They enter into the atmosphere and purify the polluted air. The atmosphere today is polluted by bad thoughts and feelings. When you sing the glory of God, the atmosphere gets purified”.

Well, vibrations were certainly felt on this sunny morning in Greenford.

Aarti was offered just after 12pm which was followed by the distribution of vibuthi. Divya, one of the SSE children, shared an inspirational reading with the congregation. She spoke briefly on a set of five wise rules which would ensure we would always be happy and healthy. Divya was followed by Nidhi, an SSE teacher, who welcomed the visiting youth, introduced the next task and spoke about the importance of the study of Swami’s literature. Bhagavan Baba, from 1953, delivered many discourses on a range of topics such as the Gita, Ramayana, meditation, bhakti and education to name a few. Out of His love and compassion, these were compiled for mankind’s benefit into well known volumes of books. There are 15‘vahinis’, 12 ‘Summer Showers’ and over 42 ‘Sathya Sai Speaks’.

The post-bhajan activity was then introduced. Participants (not just the youth) were to go to the back of the hall and look at a variety of extracts from Swami’s discourses which had been stuck to the wall. Participants were to read Baba’s discourse material and discuss their perceptions of the context of the literature with others around them. There were a set of 8 questions which needed to be answered by everyone with a final statement on one new thing learned and what would be incorporated from this particular challenge in our daily lives.

On the whole, the programme was enjoyable and conducted in a spirit of unison. It provided another opportunity for Swami’s devotees to come together, pray and have an impromptu mini ‘study circle’ based on His life teachings.

Rishi Chhibba
Youth member
Sri Sathya Sai Centre, Greenford.