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National Sai Retreat, Divine Grace: Fountain of Eternal Joy

A real treat to my body, mind and spirit. That’s exactly what this year’s National Sai
Retreat was. The retreat which took place last weekend in Llandudno, Wales was filled
with inspirational talks, doubt-busting Q&A sessions, melodious bhajans, thought provoking
workshops and scintillating cultural programmes. From the spiritual team who were up till
late preparing for the following day’s workshops to the SITA team who coordinated the
entire programme at the main venue, we the Sai Youth had the opportunity to serve across
various activities strung together to deliver a memorable and joyous weekend spent in
contemplating the teachings and glories of our Beloved Swami. The activities were laid out in a
seamless manner that would allow us to reconnect ourselves with Swami’s mission –
something we often need to do to maintain the balance between our worldly duties and
spiritual progression.

After starting the day with Aumkar, Suprabhatham, meditation and bhajans, we were given
the choice of joining the refreshing yoga session, meditative walk along the beach, meditation or
Vedam chanting. This was perfect as we could attend the session that was to our liking.
After this uplifting start to the day, some of us would rush to the kitchen to prepare
breakfast for the devotees. It was a great opportunity for us to have assisted the service
team in preparing food for the weekend. The love and dedication with which they carried
out their tasks was really touching and motivating. Through them, we saw love in action.
After a quick breakfast, we would head to the main venue to attend the programmes lined
up for the day. Some of us would help the SITA team backstage, facilitate workshops, assist
in SSE activities etc. The highlight of the retreat was Professor Nanjundaiah’s heartwarming
talks when he transported us to Prasanthi Nilayam by sharing with us some of his
most cherished experiences with Swami.

The retreat was also a chance to interact with other Sai Youth from across the country, to
share our experiences of living a balanced life as per Swami’s teachings and anecdotes for
the numerous challenges we may face at our work, universities or schools. The late night
satsangs we had in our rooms only helped strengthen our conviction to remain ever faithful
and dedicated to Swami’s mission. I was convinced that each of us would have taken at
least one message from the retreat. For me, the message was clear – Seva and
Namasmaran. As we headed back to our homes with our spiritual batteries fully charged,
the only words reverberating in my mind were ‘Aum Sai Ram, Aum Sai Ram, Aum Sai Ram...’

Sabarinath Hari
Youth Wing
Region 1, SSSSO UK