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Few Precious Days at the Abode of God and at His Institute

"The Sai educational institutions have been established not merely to enable students to earn more money but to make them acquire good traits, lead ideal lives, and give them ethical, moral and spiritual strength...
This institute will be a temple of learning where youth are shaped into self-reliant, contented and enterprising heroes of action and self-sacrifice, for the purpose of serving humanity…….
To impart true, ideal education, and mould students as ideal citizens wedded to the service of society.’’

Baba - speaking of his educational institutions

And now, I am in one of his institutions. Having first paid my respects to Lord Nadarajah adorning the entrance wall and Lord Ganesha, who is installed as you enter, there you are in the main auditorium facing the MBA students, all 120 of them. As the norm, they glow in their whites, ever humble and respectful. Neat and well groomed and those clear eyes looking at you in anticipation and ready to receive – certainly different to what I usually encounter, whether I am in Southampton, Dubai, Colombo or Coimbatore addressing, students or managers from corporates attending my seminars/workshops.

For me, as a member of the visiting faculty, it is the special feeling. A feeling of almost foreboding, yet a sense of humble thrill, like that of a child. Here you are standing on the same ground where his divine feet have trod so very frequently and where he has stood and spoke to his beloved students on numerous occasions-teaching, guiding, gently admonishing them if need be -. and now He has willed and given me the highest reward – an offer to teach His beloved students in His home. My task then is to try and make the interactions interesting and insightful and to compliment the spiritual knowledge, that is already there.

I was there only for six days, but it was intense, purifying and rewarding. It was something that I needed more probably than what I could give to the loving, glowing students who as we all know, are very special atmas destined to traverse in ways which only Swami knows and also has willed.

In terms of subject matter, we spent time on exploring some key themes, such as ‘Knowing is not the same as Becoming’, ‘The triangle of Change, Strategy and Leadership’, ‘Organisational Development Change and Culture’.

The style adopted was very much as Swami has propounded and which I readily embrace, i.e, which is not to overload people with information. Instead, share sufficient information but more importantly bring out the best from the audience, already there within them. In doing so we explored some global case studies, which was very well received and much was learnt from them. Leadership, based on the Mahavakya and Change Management as subject matter, we have agreed to set more quality time in future for the upcoming courses.

Other than the students, additionally I was blessed to spend some time in Swami’s district hospital. Specifically with the key staff in the Paediatric Department, exploring the subject of ‘Emotional Well-Being’. In doing so, time was well spent on examining Emotional Intelligence, Personal Intelligence and Inter-Personal Intelligence and their relevance to treating patients and their own team working within this very busy department.

The opportunity was also well utilised to re-visit some key management functions which in turn could help these wonderful, selfless people to be more effective, whilst working under enormous pressures in providing care, for so many in need and who have very little in their hand to live by.

All in all, a very fulfilling period and unique in so many ways, thanks and Koti Pranams to our ever graceful Swami.

Professor Sri Kandiah,
Member, SSLTP Coordinating Committee